Fast Living Slow Ageing

Fast Living Slow Ageing

Fast Living Slow Ageing

How to Age Less, Look Great, Live Longer and Get More.

Take control of the ageing process and live a full, vital and longer life.  This book will empower you to live your life in peak physical and emotional health and with more zest, right up until the day you die.

Discover what really works to slow the ageing process; read the latest science so you can learn what to do and when to do it.

Transform your life over time and become the person of your dreams; there are no quick fixes when it comes to stopping ageing, no anti-ageing, just slow.

Apply the 'slow ageing' principles to best navigate your choices, not just for 12 weeks, but for the rest of your life.

Proven ways to successful ageing - support your learning with a planning and implementation framework that really works.

The easy-to-follow 'slow ageing' program wil have you enjoying a healthier diet, clearer skin, better physical fitness and mental resilience.

Assembled by a team of 50 scientists, doctors and other health practitioners as well as informed consumers, this ground-breaking book is the culmination of the biggest collaborative effort on this topic ever attempted.

Spend 5 hours reading this book, spend just 50 days doing what you read, and spend the rest of your life being pleased you did!

Slow ageing, look good, feel great & stay well longer!

"Thanks to learning about slowing ageing and applying what really works, I'm now in better shape, have more energy and stamina, get more compliments on my general appearance and have better sex than when I was young(er)!" Kate Marie (not a movie star, not a doctor, just your average ageing woman).


Interview with Kate Marie

Question: What is the main message in Fast Living Slow Ageing?

Kate Marie: The main message is that we need to embrace ageing in a positive fashion and should aim for peak performance, whatever that means for us. Also that proactive health behaviours can slow the ageing process and we need to plan for our health in the same way we plan for the household or our businesses. As we get older (and more decrepit!) we realise that the choices we make today actually matter – some more than others. All in all, there are no 'miracle cure all" solutions, so we need to beware of fads, try and find the evidence of what works and doesn't work and in my case sometimes be a bit of a human guinea pig when it comes to trying novel things.

Question: Who should read Fast Living Slow Ageing?

Kate Marie: Anyone who wants to take a holistic approach to their health and wants to put together a strategic plan for health change. We've tended to focus predominately on women who are 40 plus as they are more acutely aware of the changes of ageing as they approach that age. Also women have often had kids and might be more challenged due to lack of time and energy, so when they are ready to implement change, the book brings together everything they need in one place.

Question: How can we start slowing down the ageing process, today?

Kate Marie: Start to focus on YOU – if you feel you are being selfish remember that what you do sends clear messages to kids and your partners and extended family.

Do whatever it takes to start to make smaller changes now rather than have to be reactive down the track. Even if you do one thing every year, at least by the time you are really old you'll be in better shape.

Manage risk for disease – regular testing, be proactive in identifying issues even when only a murmur, so don't wait until things go wrong as can be too late and then there is the ripple effect of causing other problems with health. We don't have to put up with malfunctioning systems at all (ageing is not always about decline) and there is a misconception that we need to 'suck it up" when we start to see signs of decline. This isn't the way to age well.

Resistance training is key but don't forget to throw in some cardiovascular exercise. Also stretching is critical so you become flexible as you age. I've done years of weights and didn't do enough flexibility training and am now paying for it and have had to do remedial work to stop rigid muscles from tearing.

Lose weight NOW. This is critical and even if weight loss takes time, then is still worthwhile.

Eliminate added sugar. Sugar is toxic and causes accelerated ageing throughout our bodies.

Build stress resilience. There are lots of tools on the market that enable management of the stress response. Exercise is key and also doing work that is satisfying, so if you are in the wrong job then it is essential to get out of it.

Question: What inspired you to write Fast Living Slow Ageing?

Kate Marie: I had a health scare and ended up on antidepressants, overweight, drinking too much and ultimately in very bad shape. I luckily got to see a holistic GP and realised through my journey that there wasn't any guidance on how to do a personal 'anti-ageing" plan. I decided to talk to a range of practitioners in order to piece together an approach that would work long term and subsequently came up with the SLOW philosophy. SLOW stands for Strategic, Long-term, Organised, Willful.


The principles of slow are: AGELESS
Awareness & engagement

Goal setting as part of strategic planning
Eliminate the negative and accent the positive; find a way to LOVE what you are doing
Life-long focus
Exclusiveness to be avoided
Support is out there
Selective – choices are for you as an individual

Question: How important is exercise to slowing ageing?

Kate Marie: Exercise is absolutely mission critical. There's lots of research on how much and when etc, but the bottom line is that we need to do some. It's important to not jump into it if you haven't done much previously as you can easily damage muscles and tendons when older. Having said that, it doesn't take long to go from couch potato to athlete and I've proven that. I can now hold my own with running and weights and have lately taken on yoga. It takes persistence to change behaviour around exercise but it pays off in the end.

Question: What was it like working with Professor Merlin Christopher Thomas?

Kate Marie: Merlin is one of the most amazing people I've ever met and I bless the day I met him. I met Merlin when I was researching sugar and the impact on the body and he completely turned the project from being a bit of a mess into something we are really proud of. Our relationship has grown over the past 10 years and I couldn't do any of the work without him. He's got a selfless drive when it comes to educating the public and health practioners and I'm very privileged to know him.

Fast Living Slow Ageing
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