7 of the best ways to travel around Australia with no limits

7 of the best ways to travel around Australia with no limits

With a land area of over seven million square kilometres, travelling around Australia takes a long time. Given the distances, it's no surprise that few people travel the entire country. There's too much ground to cover in a short trip. With this in mind, it got us thinking. What are the best ways to explore this wonderful land? Of course, this will depend on your budget. If money is no object, you can charter a private plane, or if you are counting those cents, you might want to think of a more affordable option.


1. By Car - Australia has a vast network of well-maintained roads and some of the world's most scenic road trips. Rest stops and service stations are located at regular intervals when travelling long distances. Car rental companies can be found at major airports and central city locations, so rent a car, 4WD, or caravan and hit the road.


Because of the dangers posed by nocturnal animals on the roads, many Australians avoid driving after the sun goes down. Kangaroos, cows, and sheep are common on country roads and in the unfenced outback. Kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk and frequently travel in groups.


2. By Bus - Travelling by bus is possible in Australia. Long-distance buses, known as "coaches," are well-organized and comfortable. The distances between cities are frequently long, but they are reasonably priced. Coaches are frequently air-conditioned, have a toilet, sometimes Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and play movies while travelling. Most companies also sell hop-on and hop-off tickets. So, if you buy a pass that connects Sydney and Cairns, you can make as many stops as you want between these two cities over several days or even weeks.


3. By Plane - If you are only visiting Australia for a short period, flying is the best option. A flight from Sydney to Melbourne takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Travelling by plane allows you to see the most in the least amount of time. Many visitors only visit the East Coast, but if you want to see more of Australia, you must take at least some flights.


4. By Train - The southeast has a reasonably extensive rail network, with interstate railways connecting the entire east coast from Cairns to Sydney and then to Melbourne and Adelaide. Each state has its own rail system. For rail enthusiasts, Australia has two great journeys: the Indian Pacific, which travels from Perth to Sydney over the Nullarbor Plain in three nights and 4352 kilometres, and the seasonal Ghan, which travels from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs in three days.

5. By Ridesharing - Ridesharing or carpooling is a cost-effective way to travel that allows you to meet new people and share your experiences with other travellers. Many travellers who choose to drive a vehicle around Australia look for others to share the cost, making ridesharing in Australia straightforward. There are numerous platforms where travellers can post rides, including Facebook groups, hostel bulletin boards, and rideshare websites.


6. By Tour - If you intend to stay in Australia for an extended time, combining a little bit of everything will be ideal. Flying, self-driving cars, and city public transportation; joining a local tour is sometimes a better option than renting a car. You choose your mode of transportation based on your time constraints, travel distances, and points of interest along the way to your destinations. Going on a tour is the best way to unwind after long drives or multiple flights. A diverse range of services is available in Australia, ranging from backpacking trips to budget excursions to high-end tours.


7. By Motorcycle - We highly recommend seeing Australia on a motorcycle. Travelling in a group is one of the best parts because the group camaraderie makes the trip worthwhile. But, on the other hand, riding in Australia is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced rider. Prepare for long distances, changing road conditions, fatigue, and hazards such as road trains, animals, and other road users! But, on the other hand, riding a motorcycle in Australia puts you much more in touch with the passing environment because you're not sitting in a car, isolated from the elements. As a result, you feel liberated and intimately connected to the surrounding landscape.


We hope this has assisted you in determining which mode of transportation is best for your first or next trip to Australia. Also, remember that you can combine two or more modes of transportation to make them work for you and what you want to see and do.


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