36” Penny Longboard

36” Penny Longboard

36" Penny Longboard

Penny Skateboards is excited to announce the launch of the 36" Longboard, bringing extra cruisey vibes to the popular Penny family, which is known for playful vibrant colours and a carefree sense of fun. The latest and longest addition to the Penny Skateboards range evokes chilled skate vibes and provides a new, easy way to escape the daily grind through skating.


With a reformulated and reinforced secret plastic formula for extra strength, large wheels and a long wheel base, the Penny Longboard allows for a smooth, stable and relaxing ride, offering the perfect way to #escapethere #skatethere, wherever and whenever that may be. Its pintail shape is uniquely designed to feature a half inch camber through the length of the deck, which works in collaboration with the board's natural flex, inbuilt riser pads and side to side concave, to enhance ride-ability.


Allowing you to experience the freedom and fun that Penny is renowned for, the new Longboard is perfect for cruising along the beach, feeling the wind on your face as you coast downhill or simply getting to where you need to be. It's the ideal board for every skill level, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whoever or wherever you are.


The new Penny Skateboards Longboard collection is available with an RRP of AUD$209.99 from today at www.pennyskateboards.com/au and from 3rd August 2015 in your local surf and skate shop.


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