Why Short Hairstyles Work for the Active Woman

Why Short Hairstyles Work for the Active Woman

Why Short Hairstyles Work for the Active Woman

Most women on the go want to be able to spend less time getting ready and more time being involved in doing things, without the sacrifice of not looking good. With this in mind, today's active woman will need the right haircut to fit her hectic life. Long hairstyles are out and the new active generation of women is increasingly choosing shorter cuts to match their busy schedule. A look at the types of short hairstyles that are currently in fashion will show the many benefits that this type of cut can provide for an active woman.

One particular hairstyle that is becoming more popular with women who are juggling home life, careers, and relationships is the pixie cut. While this type of style is extremely short, it still retains feminine features and gives a woman the best of both worlds by reducing the amount of time it takes to get ready and creating an alluring appearance. In most cases, a woman can have her hair ready after showering by only using a small amount of gel and a hair dryer. Celebrities like Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, and Natalie Portman have popularized the pixie cut by showing that it is possible to still have an attractive and feminine appearance with short hair. If the main goal is to save time, few hairstyles can match the little fuss and work that comes with the pixie cut.

A short layered hairstyle is another option that an active woman may want to pursue. This type of haircut usually adds more dimension and volume than a pixie cut, but also takes a little bit longer to fix in the morning. At the same time, a short layered cut is a perfect match for either a long day at the office or a night out with the girls and many women have found that this style to be their cut of choice when it comes to addressing all situations with a single haircut. The short layered hairstyle can be augmented by adding curls or waves to give it a more feminine appearance.

In addition to saving time, an active woman that chooses a short hairstyle will also realize other benefits as well. Because of the day to day rigors that most active women face, longer hair can be easily damaged and keeping it in a pony tail can not only put added strain on the hair, but can also cause strands to fall out, thus thinning the hair unintentionally. On the other hand, most shorter haircuts will not need barrettes or pony tail holders to keep the hair out of the face. This means that when a woman is exercising, busy in the office, or completing any other project, she will not need to worry that her hair may be suffering the abuse of the task.

The decision to go from long to short hair can be difficult, but the many active women who have made the change feel much better about their new amount of free time that the hairstyle has created. In addition, the little amount of upkeep means that their hair is healthier than ever and looks better as a result.

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