7 of the Best Hair Styling Tips

7 of the Best Hair Styling Tips

7 of the Best Hair Styling Tips

We all want flawless hair at all times, but sometimes our hair just doesn't behave. With so many styling tools and products out there, it can be confusing which ones are better for your hair type. While products do play a role in managing hair, it's the technique that does the trick.

If you're looking for ways to tame your hair, follow the top 7 hairstyling tips by ghd.

1. Hair Masks
If you work out, apply a hair mask before you hit the gym. When you sweat, salt comes out with it that can dry your hair. But when you apply your hair mask before a workout session, it seeps into your hair better without the salt drying it out. Moreover, the heat generated from your body will enhance the effects of the hair mask. Once you're done with your workout, you simply need to rinse out the hair mask to get flawless frizz-free hair.

2. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos are life-savers for when you don't have the time to shower. But most people don't use dry shampoo correctly. Instead of applying it to your hair entirely, apply it on the scalp and roots only. But don't let it sit there; use a hairdryer to get rid of excess product. Doing so will also rid your hair of oil and dirt left behind on your scalp. Moreover, your hair will look more voluminous.

3. Blow-Drying
Blow-drying your hair can give you amazing results. Even the most stubborn hair can be tamed with it. But too much heat is damaging. Even though your hair will look great at that moment, once the magic wears off, your hair will get heat-damaged. To prevent this, set your blow-dryer to a cool air setting. You'd be surprised by the results. Once your hair is fully dry, use cool air to set it in place. This will add more shine to your hair while maintaining frizz-free hair.

4. Styling Bangs
Styling your bangs is by far the hardest thing to do as they tend to frizz the most. One of the best hair styling tips is to style your bangs immediately after you shower. Apply your favourite hair products, be it hair mousse or serum, to wet hair. Use a blow-dryer or style with your fingers. Never wait for them to dry, as that will cause frizz.

5. Curling Tips
Different types of curling irons give you different curls. But regardless of which curling iron you use, the best way to get the perfect curls is by holding the curling iron horizontally. You'll be able to see the difference once you start following this hair styling hack.

6. Managing Curly Hair
Curly hair is by far the most difficult type of hair to manage. But we have the perfect hairstyling tips for managing curly hair. To start with, you don't want to brush your hair when it's dry"ever! Only brush your hair when you're in the shower and have loads of conditioner to untangle the knots. Always use a wide-toothed comb for detangling your hair. It would be best to consider using a sulphate-free shampoo as sulphates are damaging for curly hair.

Once you're out of the shower, apply your styling products immediately to soaking wet hair and scrunch the products into your hair. This will give your hair more volume, and the product will be distributed evenly. Once you're done, either wrap your hair in a microfiber towel or use a hairdryer with a low heat setting.

Once your hair is dry, you'll have gorgeous looking curls.

7. Use the Correct Brushes
There are a variety of hair brushes that you can use before or during styling. Here are some of the most popular brushes that you can use:

Boar-Bristle Brushes: They are used to polish the cuticles of your hair which results in smooth and shiny hair.
Wet Brushes: The wet brushes are used to detangle hair when it is wet. They come with soft bristles and have flexible pads that minimise hair breakage.
Paddle Brushes: Paddle brushes are similar to wet brushes, but paddle brushes are more suited for detangling long hair.
Denman Brushes: Denman brushes are great for styling your hair. They make your hair anti-static and provide good tension.

Final Thoughts
Haircare is as important as any other part of your body. When your hair looks great, you feel better about yourself, and it gives you a boost of confidence.

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