Whole Turkey with Asparagus Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and White Bean

Whole Turkey with Asparagus Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and White Bean

Too often Christmas is the only time of year when we see certain familyand friends, and it can be the same with turkey! With the versatility of themany Inghams turkey cuts, its easy to incorporate this perfect protein intoyour daily meal routine, instead of using it as a once a year Christmasfeast. With Inghams turkey products available at most Coles and Woolworthssupermarkets across Australia, its now easier than ever to make turkey aneveryday food.

Turkey, The Perfect Protein. People are seeking healthier diets forweight loss, disease prevention and general well being. Countingcarbohydrates, limiting fats and modifying portions are all popularapproaches to weight loss. Luckily, turkey adapts to all meals plans. It's adelicious and versatile protein.
  • Ready to roast Turkey Breast has 36% less saturated fat* than pork
  • Ready to roast Turkey Thigh has 36% less saturated fat* than lamb
  • Turkey mince has 36% less saturated fat* than lamb
  • Turkey chops have 36% less saturated fat* than lamb chops
    Available all year round, Inghams Turkey mince and chops are easilyrecognisable by the Ingham purple tray and are available in the fresh meatcabinet or at the deli counter of your local supermarket.

    * Nutrient values used for comparisons are from the Australian AusNutdatabase. All cuts were trimmed of visible fat and skinless. Low fat cookingmethods were used for all meat comparisons(baked/roasted/barbecued/grilled).

    Whole Turkey with Asparagus, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and White BeanSalad.


    3kg Ingham Whole Turkey
    2 x 425g cans cannelloni beans, drained, rinsed
    3 bunches asparagus, trimmed, cut in half
    500g baby roma tomatoes, halved lengthways
    1/3 cup olive oil
    1/4 cup lemon juice
    salt and freshly ground black pepper, to season
    1 cup flat leaf parsley leaves, roughly chopped


    1. Preheat oven to 180C. Place a rack into a large roasting dish. Pour ½cup water into roasting dish. Pat turkey dry, inside and out with papertowel.
    2. Fill turkey cavities with stuffing of choice - optional.
    3. Place turkey on rack in roasting dish tucking neck flap underneath theturkey.
    4. Tie legs together with unwaxed kitchen string. Loosely cover turkey witha large sheet of aluminium foil. Place pan in lowest shelf in oven.
    5. Roast for 2 hours 25 minutes or until turkey is golden and cookedthrough when tested with a skewer. (When pieced with a skewer in thethickest part of the thigh, juices should run clear). Add more water to panif necessary.
    6. Meanwhile, combine cannelloni beans, asparagus, tomatoes, oil and lemonjuice in a large roasting pan or ovenproof dish.
    7. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
    8. Place in oven on rack above turkey for 15 minutes.
    9. Stir and roast for a further 15 minutes or until asparagus is tender.Fold through parsley.
    10. Transfer turkey to a large serving platter. Spoon vegetables and beansaround turkey and serve

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