Wella Professionals SP ReVerse

Wella Professionals SP ReVerse

The First Line by Wella Professionals to Truly Replenish Hair Structure for Regenerated Hair Suppleness

Just like our skin, our hair shows visible signs of ageing. It becomes thinner, more fragile and may lack the volumeit once had as a result of various external factors. As well as these general environmental factors, our individual genetic make-up also plays a crucial part in the ageing process.

The Five Stages of Hair Change with Age
1) Colour: An increase in Gray Level occurs due to decreased melanocytes activity (colour pigments diminish).
2) Shape: An increase in hair curvature and unruliness occurs due to an imbalance in cell distribution inside the hair follicle.
3) Mass: A decrease in hair density due to the hair cycle change results in fallen follicles not being replaced as readily as before.
4) Composition: A decrease in lipid secretion (due to hormonal changes in the body) can cause the scalp to become dry and often sensitive.
5) Thickness: A decrease in hair diameter due to changes in the follicle and scalp condition may result in thinning.

ReVerse Vitamin Technology

"Like stepping back in time… the new SP ReVerse line by Wella Professionals transforms hair back to a vibrantly youthful look and feel"

New SP ReVerse uses a unique vitamin complex to target the 5 signs of ageing, including; Caffeine: Targeting the scalp, caffeine is known for its penetration benefits in human skin, and it is known for its stimulatory effects on the scalp. Caffeine boosts the skin cell metabolism and hair follicle growth.

Sea Kelp: contains large amounts of reparative iodine and is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. The formulation increases the hair's youthful flexibility and suppleness.

Wella SP Classic ReVerse 3 minute Hair Regenerating Treatment
A pre-shampoo treatment which penetrates the scalp and stimulates the growth of the hair follicle.
$62.95 (6 pack)

Wella SP Classic ReVerse Regenerating Shampoo
Regenerating Shampoo ideal for your daily routine. Gently cleanses and restores the hair to its youthful state.

Wella SP Classic ReVerse Regenerating Spray Conditioner

A hybrid formula with triple benefits: care, protection and body.

Wella SP Classic ReVerse Intensive Mask
Intensive treatment to restore hair suppleness and shine to stressed and damaged hair.

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