Wella Age Prevention for your Hair

Wella Age Prevention for your Hair

Every day, women spend thousands of dollars on skincare products designed to fight the ageing process but how many have thought about anti-ageing for their hair? Hair that looks brittle and lifeless can be a sign that it is starting to age. Wella has introduced a solution which can be used to prevent the unwanted effects of ageing on your hair and give your hair the power to resist time.

Biotouch Resist is the first professional hair care range to address the need for age-prevention you're your hair, helping to resist the effect of ageing by boosting its natural resilience. The luxurious range of shampoo, liquid foam emulsion and serum contains an active complex with Creatine and Phytoproteins to strengthen the resilience of hair from within and reinforce hair's natural protective layer. The rang also includes Rooibos extract, known for its health boosting and anti-ageing properties.

Over time, the natural barrier of hair deteriorates leaving it vulnerable. Hair starts to get lifeless and lacks shine. Biotouch Resists strengthens the hair's protective layer, helping to resist the effects of time- leaving hair strong and youthful.

The Biotouch Resist targeted line of age prevention products build form the core up, priming the hair to ensure it is prepped for the anti-ageing protective shield:
Biotouch Resist Shampoo
This shampoo incorporates new primer technology into its luxurious formula and preps the hair's uneven surface, mending it in preparation for the shielding and strengthening aspects of the emulsion and serum.

RRP: $23.00

Biotouch Resist Liquid Foam Emulsion
A luxurious leave in conditioner which contains ingredients designed to strengthen each hair fibre and protective complexes, including Rooibos and Creatine, to reinforce the hair's natural preotective layer.

RRP: $23.00

Biotouch Resist Serum
The intensive treatment helps defend ongoing stressed out hair and is fortified with a special strengthening complex. This complex includes extracts of Rooibos, which have been long associated with health boosting and anti-ageing properties. The serum also contains Phytoproteins and Creatin to help boost the hairs resilience and ability to fight time..

RRP: $9.50

The Biotouch Resist range is available from March, 2010 at Wella Professionals salons nationally. For stockist details please call 1300 889 886 or visit www.wellaprofessionals.com.au