Waybuloo Hi-hi Cheebies

Waybuloo Hi-hi Cheebies

Waybuloo Hi-hi Cheebies

Welcome back to the world of Nara; a land of happiness, laughter and friendship thats home to the Piplings.

Hi-hi Cheebies is the third Waybuloo DVD released in Australia.

Unlike any other programme that has come before it Waybuloo takes children on a journey into the magical land of Nara populated by the loveable Piplings. Each pipling is the embodiment of a different emotion: Jojojo is a monkey-like creature who represents happiness; rabbit-like Lau Lau imagination; the feline De Li love; and Nok Tok, a bear-like Pipling, wisdom.

When one of the Piplings do something that is good they enter a zen-like state known as 'buloo', a warm feeeling of emotional satisfaction that enables them to float. The programme provides a journey into happiness and enables younger children to develop social and emotional learning skills.

In Hi-hi Cheebies there are lots of important lessons to be learnt when the Piplings play a game of Tricky Kicky, and when Yojojo tries to get his mangoes to ripen and his songbird to start singing again! Plus, the Cheebies help the Piplings in their attempts to share equally and Yojojo gets the hiccups!

Come and join the fun and togetherness of the Piplings and Cheebies - because everything in Waybuloo is better together. Waybuloo is a fully-funded 10 million pound production combining CG characters and live-action natural world visited by real children. It was commissioned by the BBC in the UK specifically to target pre-school children aged 2+. The landscape of Nara was purpose built in the largest existing studio in Europe.

The following five enchanting episodes are included on this DVD:
- Tricky Kicky
- Green Mango
- Songbird
- Fruity Fun
- Hiccup

DVD Features:
Cheebie Quiet Time - Plays the calming sounds of chimes after each episode
Shuffle Play - Plays the episodes in a random order

Waybuloo Hi-hi Cheebies
RRP: $19.95


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