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Vodka O


Australian owned Artisan Spirit Merchants has just released a new range of naturally crafted
premixed Vodka cocktails, under their VODKA O™ brand. These breakthrough creations are
inspired by global ingredient trends and consumer demand for more crafted premium lifestyle

The naturally crafted VODKA O™ premixed cocktails contain pure VODKA O™, carbonated filtered water, real fruit juices, fruit purees and spice flavours. They have no added colours or artificial flavours and have less sugar and fizz compared to other leading premixed drinks and ciders.


VODKA O's™ premixed drinks are inspired by the favourite drink recipes of its co-founders and are available in a range of four imaginative flavours:
* Apple, Ginger & Spice
* Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint
* Pear with a hint of Vanilla
* Strawberry, Cranberry and a touch of Basil

These perfectly balanced flavour combinations, with the addition of herb and spice notes, taste like the real ingredients that they're made from; a completely new and unique direction for the
category. Naturally crafted and sophisticated, VODKA O™ carbonated premixed cocktails are a
delicious alternative to the premixed spirit drinks and flavoured cider offers currently in the market.

VODKA O™ premixed carbonated cocktails are made with pure VODKA O™ vodka. VODKA O™
delivers a super smooth, pure vodka experience, a result of its unique whey base, triple distillation and carbon filtration processes. This smoothness has been transferred to the exceptional and refreshing taste of the new VODKA O™ premixed cocktail range.

ASM Liquor's CEO Chris Flaherty says, 'Since our Co-Founders sold the first batch of VODKA O™ in Bondi Beach back in 2004, the brand has always been committed to innovative and passionate ideas. The success of our new VODKA O™ premixed carbonated cocktails is the result of using real ingredients, natural processes and flavour combinations that we know consumers will love."

Available in a sleek black 330ml ring pull bottle with edgy 1960's Australiana design, the VODKA O™ premixed carbonated cocktails appeal equally to men and women. They offer a more authentic choice for discerning consumers and are available at an RRP of $4.99 each or $17.99 in a 4 pack.

With an ABV of 4.5%, each 330ml bottle contains 1.2 standard drinks.

For stockist enquiries call 13 COKE. For more info visit and to connect on social media visit @VodkaO_Official on Instagram and #vodkao #naturalspirit

Review: Vodka O brings a touch of the exotic, and breaks out of the traditional boring flavours.  Straight up or on ice, Vodka O is a refreshing change and perfect for summer afternoons & celebrations.