Willies Cacao Range

Willies Cacao Range

Willies Cacao Range

Willie describes his cacao range, available exclusively at Coles from October 13, 2014

'Crafted in my chocolate factory in England, I make my chocolate from 'bean to bar', to capture the mind-blowing different flavours from the great cacao regions of the world" – Willie Harcourt-Cooze

Tasting chocolate is an art. It is a complex business because there are at least 400 chocolate flavour notes. Most chocolates are made so they have a -house taste' that is consistent every time. They use a blend of beans and have a particular balance between sugar and vanilla that masks small flavour differences. However our chocolate is made from single estate cacaos, so not only is each bean different but there will be subtle differences from one crop to the next and indeed from one batch to the next. We celebrate these flavour differences.

The Chocolate

Single estate Dark - Discover the long forgotten flavours of the world's great cacaos.

Peruvian Gold, Chulucanas 70, raisin & plum notes.

An adventure in taste, it melts taking you to the mountains of the Morropon province of Peru, with their native Criollo beans and their distinctive notes of the raisins and plums.

I make all my chocolate from -bean to bar' using the world's great single estate cacaos, which like fine wines all taste remarkably different. We are all about flavour, so give our beans a light roast to preserve their natural flavour characteristics, and use natural cocoa butter and raw cane sugar. We add nothing more, not even vanilla or soya lecithin.

Single estate Inclusions - Travel inspired, something desired.

Ginger Lime, with Cuban 70 dark chocolate.

This is one exotic square of chocolate. The beautiful honey notes of the Baracoan beans dancing with the ginger and lime to an irrepressible Cuban beat. This exotic square of chocolate hits you with the gentle heat of ginger and follows with a tang of lime, leaving simply delectable chocolate.

Sea Flakes, with Rio Caribe 44 milk chocolate.

When I crunch into the soft flakes of sea salt buried in this silky smooth milk chocolate, it takes me back to my childhood in Southern Ireland, heading far out to sea to collect pure water, gently evaporating it off and watching the delicate crystals form. Salt is a source of life, with cacao it becomes a source of dreams.

This beautiful Rio Caribe 44 milk chocolate is created with cacao from the Hacienda San Augustine estate near the magical Rio Caribe, cacao butter from Barlovento, sugar cane from Guadeloupe and British milk. Nothing more, nothing less, simply sublime.

Luscious Orange, with Cuban 65 dark chocolate.

It only took one visit to the eastern tip of Cuba to fall in love with Baracoan beans. These exquisite beans have a delicate honey flavour that is simply born to be with orange. This is one deliciously desirable square of chocolate.

Gift Chocolate

Black Pearls - Our gifts are Gifts of Discovery. They are eaten with delight and talked about for days afterwards and it's a journey of endless surprises with these rare and precious pearls.

Sea Salt Caramel Black Pearls

Crack through the fruity, Madagascan 71 dark chocolate shell, into cascades of molten caramel, with the delicate flakes of sea salt riding the waves.

Not only do we make the chocolate from the bean, we also make the caramel: we caramelise the raw cane sugar, clarify the butter and add Devon double cream and Cornish sea salt.

Lime Chilli Caramel Black Pearls


When the Peruvian Chulucanas 70 dark chocolate breaks, the lime chilli caramel bursts its banks. As the wave of lime rolls in, the faint crest of chilli appears.

We also make the caramel: we caramelise the raw cane sugar, clarify the butter and add Devon double cream and a touch of lime with a drop of chilli essence.


Check out www.williescacao.com or his online chocolate shop www.willieschocolateshop.com