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VitaPet Tenders



Vitapet has launched a new range of delicious hand-prepared real meat tenders for dogs.  Made with premium fresh meat and containing no off-cuts or fillers, these tasty treats are the perfect healthy snack all dogs' love to love.


'Available in four delicious varieties, chicken, duck, beef and kangaroo our tasty tenders have been made using premium cuts of meat, slow oven cooked to seal in the aroma and taste and dried into tender strips of -real meat' jerky to provide a healthy, nutritious treat.  They make a great everyday snack and sought-after reward for good behaviour when training," said Dr Sean Duggan, CEO of Masterpet.


Dr Duggan, a registered veterinarian, said that research shows that many leading dog snacks contain additives and unnecessary animal products that act as fillers and provide no nutritional value.


'Many commercial dog treats are loaded with fat and sugar providing a calorie over-load that can lead to pancreatitis or weight gain which in turn leads to conditions such as Diabetes and joint disease – to name a few," he said.


Dr Duggan said that just like humans, dogs need natural, high quality food and nourishing snacks to maintain optimum health. 


'Real meat, using premium cuts such as breast and thighs with no artificial ingredients, is the only healthy option for dogs.   We encourage all owners to do what is right by your dog by making sure you give only real meat treats."


Dr Duggan said that Vitapet had conducted extensive taste tests amongst dogs when developing the recipe for the new tenders.


'We tested Vitapet Tenders on more than 100 dogs, and also conducted comparative taste tests with other leading brands.  We found Vitapet tenders to definitely have the wag factor with more than 90 per cent dogs going back and actively searching for our range versus the other products on offer!"


Vitapet Tenders are available from all leading supermarkets, price from $5.99.

Available in Beef, Chicken, Duck & Kangaroo.


Vitapet is an Australian based pet care company dedicated to creating a range of products to make pet care easy.  For further information, visit:


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