Vitamins + Mints = Vitamints

Vitamins + Mints = Vitamints

Vitamins + Mints = Vitamints

We all know it can be so easy to dash out of the door without taking our daily dose of vitamins. Why? Perhaps because we think it's really no big deal to skip a few days or maybe it's because we simply forget. Introducing Vitamints™ - a new range that combines the therapeutic benefits of vitamins with the breath freshening taste of mints.

Vitamints™ provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum health and performance. They are easy to take and easy to take with you, as they come in a handy, portable tin you can keep with you throughout the day. So whether you're chilling at home, working in the office, or on the road - you'll never forget your vitamins again!

Just simply take four of the small, minty tablets throughout the day and have the reassurance that your daily vitamin needs are covered. Plus you also have the option of choosing from eight different types of Vitamints™, ensuring your choice of vitamins suit your lifestyle. The range includes:

  • Vitamints™ Multi for Women: Feeling tired or stressed? Your diet may not be delivering the vitamins you need for optimum health and vitality
  • Vitamints™ Multi for Men: Feeling exhausted and on edge? Your diet may not be delivering the vitamins you need to perform at your best
  • Vitamints™ Energy: Feel like your busy life is catching up with you? Or maybe you're constantly on the go? Just try Vitamints™ Energy!
  • Vitamints™ Focus: Having difficulty concentrating? Memory not quite as good as it should be? Try Vitamints™ Focus.
  • Vitamints™ Active: Have an active life and involved with strenuous exercise or activities? Yes? Then try Vitamints™ Active.
  • Vitamints™ Immune: Feeling a bit under the weather or want to prepare for the cold and flu season? Build your immune defences with Vitamints™ Immune.
  • Vitamints™ Recover: Whether the cause is stress, sickness or over-indulgence, sometimes we need a little help getting back to status quo. Try Vitamints™ Recover.
  • Vitamints™ Calm: Busy? Tick. Tired? Tick. Stressed? Tick. We all experience times when we aren't coping as well as we'd like, for these periods simply relax with Vitamints™ Calm.

    Russell Scott, Director, Vitamints™ said: "While taking vitamins isn't exactly time consuming, it is very hard to remember to do. Often your vitamin supply is left collecting dust in your kitchen cupboard.
    "As Vitamints™ combine the health benefits of vitamins with the portability and pleasant taste of mints, there's no reason to forget or run low on your essential vitamins and minerals again."

    Vitamints™ contain 60 sugar free tablets per tin and are available now.

    Recommended Daily Dosage:
    Adults: four tablets a day
    Teenagers: three tablets a day
    Children (2-10 years): two tablets a day
    Up to 10 Vitamints™ per day can be safely consumed

    Stockist Info: 1300 424 445 $9:90

    Vitamints™ were developed here in Australia. All Vitamints™ products are manufactured in therapeutic goods facilities that comply with the Australian Government's code of Good Manufacturing Practice.

    Vitamints™ can be taken at anytime, but best absorption is achieved by spreading the dose throughout the day. Up to 10 Vitamints™ per day can be safely consumed. There is no added sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, yeast, starch, gluten, lactose or dairy products in Vitamints™.

    Interview with Angelo Andronis

    Angelo Andronis is the Director of Vitamints™.

    Why is it important to have B Vitamins in our diet?

    Angelo Andronis : B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. This means they can be quickly depleted from the body and must be replaced each day.

    this group of vitamins play a key role in energy production, so a diet without them can lead to tiredness and fatigue. It is important that to take supplements of B vitamins daily to replenish these important vitamins in our body.

    The Vitamints™ range provides a strong source of B vitamins and is particularly good for those who forget their daily dose. The product comes in a handy portable tin that you can carry with you all day and has the added benefit of allowing you take them throughout the day.

    We know we should have Vitamin C in our diets, but what advantages does this vitamin have?

    Angelo Andronis: Vitamin C is a widely used vitamin that plays an essential role in the body. It is a strong antioxidant and is commonly used to enhance immunity, minimise cold symptoms, speed wound healing, and promote healthy gums.

    Every product in the Vitamints™ range is formulated with Vitamin C.

    How does Chromium help our bodies?

    Angelo Andronis: Chromium is needed for energy. It helps the body use insulin effectively so that carbohydrates can be converted into energy.

    The average person tends to be low in Chromium, however it is found in certain foods and many vitamins for example Vitamints™ Multi for Women, Vitamints™ Multi for Men, Vitamints™ Focus and Vitamints™ Active.

    What is the value of having the vitamin, Co-Enzyme Q10 in our diets?

    Angelo Andronis: The primary function of CoQ10 is that it acts as a catalyst for metabolism. It plays an essential role in energy production, speeding up vital metabolic processes and providing energy that cells need to digest foods and maintain healthy muscles.

    Vitamints™ Active and Vitamints™ Energy are formulated with CoQ10 to assist the body's energy production mechanisms.

    Why do we need to have Zinc in our diet? What part does Zinc play?

    Angelo Andronis: Zinc is required by every cell in the body and is concentrated in the muscles, bones, skin, eyes and various other organs. Vitamints™ Recover, Vitamints™ Immune and Vitamints™ Multi for Men are all formulated with Zinc to help protect the body from colds, flu and other infections.

    What is the value of Folic Acid for females?

    Angelo Andronis: Folic Acid is an essential water-soluble vitamin that has many critical uses within the body. It is particularly important in females that are pregnant or looking to become pregnant. Adequate folic acid one month prior to conception and for the first three months of pregnancy greatly reduces the risks of neural tube defects in newborns.

    Vitamints™ Focus and Vitamints™ Multi for Women contain Folic Acid.

    Can you please explain what Siberian Ginseng is and the value it plays in Vitamints™?

    Angelo Andronis: Siberian Ginseng has been used in China for thousands of years to enhance the body's vitality and energy, restore memory and prevent colds and flu.

    It is recommended for people who have poor concentration or for those suffering stress and fatigue. Vitamints™ Focus and Vitamints™ Calm contain Siberian Ginseng, so is ideal for people looking for a vitamin to aid concentration or symptoms of stress.

    How do the different mixtures of Vitamints™ play a part in ensuring they target the correct needs (focus, calm, active)?

    Angelo Andronis: There are eight types of Vitamint™ in the range, each specially formulated for a specific need. For example each ingredient in Vitamints™ Active has a purpose - CoQ10 and B vitamins to assist in energy production, Vitamin C to assist aerobic capacity of muscles and chromium to improve the efficiency of the body to burn glucose to create energy.

    Plus the entire range has the added benefit of an effective mint flavour - so you can enjoy all the health benefits of vitamins along with the refreshing taste of mints.

    What is the main difference between Vitamints™ Multi for Women and Vitamints™ Multi for Men?

    Angelo Andronis: The primary difference between the Vitamints™ for Men and the Vitamints™ for Women is in the levels of the ingredients, with the men's product containing more of each.

    Unlike some products, Vitamints™ are not overloaded with nutrients your body doesn't need, and may not be able to absorb, as each product is formulated in line with the recommended daily allowances.

    For women what are the most important vitamins to consume, to ensure health and vitality?

    Angelo Andronis: The most important vitamins for women are folic acid, B vitamins, Vitamin C.

    Minerals are also important particularly iron and calcium. Calcium helps keeps bones strong and can prevent Osteoporosis and Iron aids the immune system and is stored in the body and reused every day.

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