Beaming with Health Nighty Night

Beaming with Health Nighty Night

Beaming with Health Nighty Night

We all know that good sleep helps the mind to heal and the body to repair, and yet many of us struggle to get the rest we need. Insomnia, overwork, illness, hormonal changes, anxiety and stress can all wreak havoc with our sleeping patterns, leaving us worn out and grumpy. From renowned naturopath Mim Beim comes Nighty Night, a powerful yet gentle tonic of organic remedial herbs to help you to sleep long and deep, awaking well rested and refreshed.

Californian Poppy – Traditionally used by Native American peoples to promote sleep & reduce anxiety.
Valerian – Improves duration & quality of sleep; relaxes muscles.
Hops – Soothes the mind & nervous system.
Withania – Boosts immunity.
Lavender – Reduces mental stress.
Zizyphus – Mild sedative traditionally used in Chinese medicine; alleviates night sweats & hot flushes.
Ginger – Lowers cortisol levels in the body, reducing physical effects of stress.

With a delicious, mellow flavor, Nighty Night is best consumed after dinner and before turning in, or take a cup to bed with you. Unlike the harsh chemicals in sleeping tablets, the herbs in Nighty Night are not addictive, and won't leave you feeling drowsy the next day.

Available in:
Loose Leaf Bag (100 Cups) $34.95
Loose Leaf Bag (20 Cups) $14.95
Loose Leaf Canister (20 Cups) $19.95
Canister (20 Tea Bags) $19.95
Refill (50 Tea Bags) $24.95
Sachet (12 Tea Bags) $9.95

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