Vaalia® My First Yoghurt Range: Fruit & Vegetable

Vaalia® My First Yoghurt Range: Fruit & Vegetable

Vaalia® My First Yoghurt Range: Fruit & Vegetable

Vaalia® has revealed two innovative new additions to its much-loved My First Yoghurt range; combining fruit and vegetables together with probiotics in the one twist-cap pack for a healthy, delicious snack – perfect for babies six months and older.

Boasting the same probiotic combination as the rest of the Vaalia range, this category first innovation gives parents a way of ensuring their little ones are enjoying their tasty vegetables.

Parents can choose from new My First Yoghurt flavours including Spinach & Apple or Sweet Potato & Pear. By combining vegetables and fruit with the creamy taste of yoghurt, parents can be reassured they are providing a variety of healthy foods all in the one product that will assist with meeting the high nutritional demands of their growing infant/toddler.

A delicious and nutritious snack, My First Yoghurt ensures your little ones are on track towards the recommended protein and calcium intake for building strong bones and teeth*, and obtaining sufficient vitamins and minerals for growth and energy* with the added goodness of vegetables.

As nutritional wellbeing is at the heart of Vaalia's product range, My First Yoghurt contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners – but a unique trio of probiotic cultures including Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus (LGG), the world's most researched probiotic.

For a limited time only at all Woolworths retailers, My First Yoghurt's Fruit & Vegetable range is now also available as a mixed pack of six, with the addition of Vaalia's classic Vanilla flavour and two bonus repeat twist-top travel spoons for easy consumption by babies.


Available from Woolworths, My First Yoghurt's Fruit & Vegetable range is sold separately for $1.50, or in the limited edition mixed pack for $5.99. So these holidays, parents can enjoy their time with friends and family and rest assured that Vaalia's My First Yoghurt's Fruit & Vegetable range will keep their kids' tastebuds and tummies happier and healthier.

*Protein, vitamins and minerals from Vaalia My First Yoghurt range contribute to normal growth and development, energy release and normal teeth and bone structure in children as part of a healthy diet involving the consumption of a variety of foods.

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