Snack Time Isn't just for Kids.

Snack Time Isn't just for Kids.
Snack Time - isn't it for Everyone?

In an environment where only 20% of middle aged Australian women can declare they are happy with their weight1 and almost a quarter of women claiming to be always on a diet2, the concept of snacking can seem like a taboo subject. But Uncle Tobys, one of Australia's most trusted nutritious food manufacturers, is challenging the notion with a new range of healthy snacks developed specifically for adults.

Extensive consumer research told Uncle Tobys that given the option adults would eat a snack but they had to be convinced it was healthy and they wanted something that wasn't supposed to be in the kids lunchbox. The new Uncle Tobys breakfree products are a complete range of adult snacks. They include delicious cookies, Toasted Oat Bars, 97% fat free Oven Baked Bars and Twists, Fruit and Yogurt Bars and Fruesli Bars.

The piece de resistance of the Uncle Tobys breakfree range are the new Uncle Tobys breakfree cookies Apricot & Almond, Apple & Pecan and Choc Chunk. The three new flavours deliver great taste but are also a healthier alternative to traditional cookies in the market. The Apricot & Almond and Apple & Pecan cookies have the Heart Foundation's Tick of Approval.

Ms Susan Anderson, National Manager, Tick Food Information Program of the Heart Foundation says, "The Uncle Tobys breakfree cookies are a first in the Australian Tick Program, containing less than 10% fat, saturated fat, and salt compared with other products in this category".

The third variant in the range, Choc Chunk cookies, contain only 12% fat and have 50% less saturated fat than regular choc chip cookies. The unique fat profile of the three cookies is due to the use of Sunola™ vegetable oil, a monounsaturated sunflower oil.

According to Karen Inge, President of Sports Dietitians Australia, nutritious carbohydrate-rich snacks which are low in saturated fat, such as the fruit and grain based Uncle Tobys breakfree range, can be included in healthy weight loss regimes.

"Dieting crazes like low carbohydrate diets are a short term fix and don't allow people to maintain adequate energy levels. Weight loss needs to be balanced with adequate energy levels so that people can get as much out of life as possible and therefore stay motivated to meet their weight loss goals."

"Low fat snacks which contain carbohydrates can help prevent fluctuations in energy levels, help control your appetite and make it easier to concentrate. With the availability of the Uncle Tobys breakfree range, adults finally have a variety of snack choices which not only offer a nutritional benefit, but also taste great." said Ms Inge.

Even people who aren't on the diet treadmill will enjoy the guilt-free snacking that Uncle Tobys breakfree provides. It is estimated that currently four in 10 people snack each day with many professions, such as teaching and childcare having snack time built into their working day. Uncle Tobys pioneered the adult snack category, with the 1998 launch of Oven Baked Fruit Bars. The new Uncle Tobys breakfree range, with its distinctive packaging and huge variety will firmly establish snacks as a convenient and healthy part of daily diets for many adults.

All the products in the Uncle Tobys breakfree range are individually wrapped for convenience and 'handbag' portability. The Uncle Tobys breakfree range offers the best balance of taste and nutrition to meet the snacking needs of adults. Something this healthy has never tasted so good so reward both your body and your tastebuds with an Uncle Tobys breakfree snack.

The Uncle Tobys breakfree range is being introduced to supermarkets nationally throughout September and October.

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