Uncle Toby's Keeping you healthy

Uncle Toby's Keeping you healthy

Uncle Tobys providing for every slice of your life

Bread is a staple food in millions of diets and Uncle Tobys, one of the most trusted food manufacturers for all Australians, has now created a bread that will help meet the nutrition needs of everyone in the family, from children to grandparents. New Uncle Tobys Vitawhite and Uncle Tobys Vitagold deliver carbohydrate for added vitality and energy but are also higher in B group vitamins and iron than most other breads, providing the best balance of taste and nutrition.

Carbohydrate, one of the essential nutrients available in bread, provides fuel for the brain and energy for the muscles which helps sustain a feeling of vitality. Like all other breads Uncle Tobys Vitagold and Uncle Tobys Vitawhite are a great source of carbohydrate but they also contain B group vitamins, thiamin and niacin, which are essential for helping release energy from carbohydrates to the muscles. These B group vitamins are water-soluble and can't be stored by the body so they need to be consumed daily. Bread, a food most people eat everyday, is an ideal source.

Folate, another B group vitamin, is essential for normal cell growth and development. Folate is particularly important for women of child-bearing age. Uncle Tobys Vitagold is one of the few breads available containing folate in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

According to Karen Inge, President of Sports Dietitians Australia, Uncle Tobys Vitagold and Uncle Tobys Vitawhite are nutrient dense breads that offer reassurance for busy mums and dads trying to provide healthy food for a range of ages in the family.

"With today's busy lifestyle, carbohydrate containing foods are essential in giving us the vitality to help meet our daily physical and mental challenges. Bread is traditionally a convenient source of carbohydrate.

What sets Uncle Tobys Vitagold and Uncle Tobys Vitawhite apart from other breads, is the additional nutrients such as B group vitamins and iron, which is important for healthy blood cells.

"Just one serve of Uncle Tobys Vitawhite provides approximately one third of the daily iron needs for adult females and adolescents and over half the needs of children aged between 8 and 11. This is reassuring for everyone in the family to know that a simple food like bread is helping to meet their nutrition needs better than ever," continued Ms Inge.

Uncle Tobys is constantly proving that food can taste great and meet measurable nutritional requirements, making them the ideal provider of a daily product like bread. Uncle Tobys Vitagold and Uncle Tobys Vitawhite breads are large 700g square loaves with thick slices, ideal for sandwiches or the toaster. With distinctive Uncle Tobys packaging and carrying the National Heart Foundation tick, both breads will have an average retail price of $2.90 and they are available from supermarkets and food stores in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.