The original patented tweezer with a built in light. For pinpoint accuracy!

We all know the right eyebrow structure and style is the key to shaping your face.

TweezLight Professional Tweezers' innovative revoluntionary design is complete with LED light and surgical precision for the ultimate pluck!

TweezLight provides immaculate tweezing that's hard to beat, removing even the most stubborn with its in-built light, superior quality grip and tips. Perfect for everyday grooming - in the car, in a rush and even in the bathroom cubicle.

Clean Squeeze Tweez
* Professional quality tweezers with slanted precision tips
* Easy to use - spring tension mechanism with non slip finish
* Maximum strength blue light for highlighting
* Rust proof - stylish stainless steel finish wiht Gold or Silver plating for longevity
* State of the art Industrial Design, both ergonomic and comfortable
* Hygiene Supreme - easy to sterilise: just unscrew top, remove battery and light component
* Compact and easy to transport - cylinder tube (gold and silver) or in nifty slim case complete with batteries for person on the go
* 50,000 On/Off Clicks per battery.
Not only does TweezLight help highlight your face, it's also great for hobbies and everyday use. Use it for jewellery making arts, crafts or for difficult to handle small objects. For any sticky situation, let TweezLight un-stick the problem.

RRP: $30.00
For stockists call 1300 76 26 83

Review: What a clever idea, no need to stuggled for the perfect light in your bathroom anymore, TweezLight whenever you have a moment.