Elite Traveler Reveals Top 50 Adventures in the World

Elite Traveler Reveals Top 50 Adventures in the World

Elite Traveler, the world's leading private jet lifestyle magazine, is excited to launch the Top 50 Adventures in the World for 2019. For a rapidly growing number of the world's wealthiest, a relaxing vacation in a luxury hotel no longer cuts it. Instead, they long to explore the unexplorable and discover the undiscovered, all while retaining a high level of comfort and style. Our experts have scoured the globe in search of the most exclusive adventures that money can buy. This year's Top 50 Adventures includes a day in the life of a Special Forces agent, a daring bungee jump over an active volcano and a journey to the bottom of the ocean.

Highlights include:

Visiting the Titanic – $108,000

An incredible chance to explore the world's most famous shipwreck, submerged approximately 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, around 12,500 ft under the sea. Time is most certainly of the essence for Titanic enthusiasts, as, according to a 2016 study, the remains are disintegrating and could disappear within a decade. The logistics behind a trip to the ship's resting place mean that only a few people have visited the site since it sank in 1912, and the majority of those visits have been for scientific purposes.

Castaway – $430*
As wonderful as five-star hotels and all their ultra-luxe amenities are, there's nothing like using your own survival skills on a deserted island to make you really appreciate the finer things. The aptly-named Docastaway essentially leaves you to fend for yourself on an island of your choice. Different packages offer different levels of isolation " Adventure Mode leaves you to forage for your own food and drink as a team remain on standby in case of an emergency while Comfort Mode offers a small taste of the castaway lifestyle.
*Price per day

The Lava Leap – $16,000
A helicopter will fly you into the caldera of the Villarrica Volcano, Chile, where you'll bungee jump 400 ft into the abyss, coming close to bubbling lava. A photographer will accompany you to capture the most unbelievable, death-defying thing you'll likely ever do. During the trip, you'll also board the helicopter once again to bungee jump into a lava tube down the face of a 330-ft waterfall.

Special Forces for a Day – $23,000
If you've ever had dreams of joining Delta Force, this immersive experience will fulfil even the most seasoned adventurer's desires. Guests can expect to plunge 28,000 ft through the sky over the Colorado Desert at a speed of 120mph from a military-grade aircraft (known as a HALO jump " a military-style, low-open parachute jump that gets troops on the ground with speed and stealth). Once on the ground, you will be charged with the task of venturing behind enemy lines to locate and rescue a hostage.

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