5 Tips To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

5 Tips To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

5 Tips To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

Did you know that for the average Australian household, $1036 of food is thrown away each year – that equates to 1 out of every 5 bags of groceries bought. With this extra cash you could pay off approximately 6 months of your electricity bill!


Save money on grocery shopping with these handy, simple tricks to save on your weekly shop:

Plan ahead – Make a grocery list before you leave for the shops to ensure you keep on task when browsing the aisles. The less you shop the more money, time and energy you save. Reduce your impulsive purchases and save money by writing a strict shopping list and planning your meals in advance.

Shop around for specials – Check online and in-store catalogues for the best food specials. It might be worth comparing a few grocery outlets before purchasing the basics.

Get yourself -The Swag'– These environmentally friendly produce bags are designed to fruit and veggies fresher for much longer, naturally! Simply dampen The Swag and store in the crisper of your fridge to add several days and even weeks of life to your fresh produce. These natural washable and reusable cotton bag not only saves you money by reducing your food wastage significantly but also saves you time with less trips to the shops! 


Utilise your leftovers – Minimise your grocery bills significantly by cooking a large batch of meals early in the week and pop the rest of the fresh produce you don't use in The Swag to keep them fresher for longer. These natural cotton bags utilise an effective three-way action process; to help the veggies breathe and remain hydrated instead of toxic plastic bags.    


Check expiry dates – Ensure you check the 'use by" and 'best before" dates on food so you don't waste your money buying produce you won't use before you must throw them away.


Introducing The Swag – a revolutionary reusable produce bag for keeping fruit and veggies fresher for longer – naturally!


Australian born brand, The Swag, is a ground-breaking environmentally-friendly storage bag designed to keep fruit and veggies fresher for much longer.

This unique washable and reusable produce bag is made from unique layers of 100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton to extend the life of fruit and veggies. On average, Australia wastes over four million tonnes of food each year; equating to an enormous 523kg per household!

Much like the traditional Aussie Swag, -The Swag' was named to create an association with the heritage of our great country and the produce bags are presented for sale rolled just as a traditional swag would be.

Revolutionising the way our fruit and veggies are stored, The Swag not only gives back several days and weeks of life to fresh produce; it saves time and money as consumers can now buy in bulk and therefore require to less trips to the shops.

Utilising The Swag's effective three-way action process; enhances hydration, promotes breathing and prolongs ethylene build up, these ecologically bags are a sustainable alternative to keeping toxic plastic produce bags in your fridge.

The Swag is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it a safe storage system for fresh produce and it also reduces the dire consequences that discarded plastic bags are having on the environment.

Over 15,000 Swags are already in use in Australia and it's about to launch in the USA.

How It Works:
The Swag is made up of three distinctive layers, each playing a significant role in prolonging the life span of fresh produce:
The outer layer provides protection and reduces dehydration in the middle layer.
The thick central layer absorbs and holds the bulk of moisture, allowing fresh produce to breathe and hydrate at their own pace.
The inner layer, provides a dryer protection barrier however, also allows fruit & veggies to draw on the air and water individually needed, to stay fresher for longer.
The Swag helps households save money by keeping fresh produce healthier for longer and reduces trips to the grocery store. It's also kinder to the environment by storing produce in non-toxic materials which reduces the use of plastic bags. Finally, it helps do its bit in reducing food wastage.

To get started on The Swag Movement, a range of products are available to purchase online priced from $16.95 - $69.95 https://www.theswag.com.au.