The Great Emu War

The Great Emu War

Over the past few years, The Great Emu War Casualties have embedded themselves in the Australian indie scene with their idiosyncratic style of lucid indie/ art-rock/ alt-pop that's layered with perceptive and canny lyricism.

Ahead of their EP release 'Vanity Project', to be released on February 26The Great Emu War Casualties are releasing their subduing single 'I'm A Yes Man' (out Jan 29) produced by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Bloc Party, The Mars Volta).

2020 was a massive year for the band where they released a total of 10 tracks. Their latest release 'Flies In My Eyes' was the first taste of the upcoming EP 'Vanity Project'

Now with their most engrossing track to date, 'I'm A Yes Man' tantalises the senses with bright, luscious guitar riffs and licks; minimalistic keys; rubbery, punctuated basslines; and a dynamic, punchy groove on the kit. 

After an instrumental opening of the rushing chorus, Joe Jackson, with his inviting accent and forbearing vocal delivery, clinches the track with an occupying melody. The rhythmic melody lines of the verses are backed up by a dynamically building band where the guitar autonomously sweeps and lets funk-like vibes fly. The verses then burst out in the captivating chorus where Jackson is backed up on the vocals. 

Off the back of a crippling year for the entire world, this relatable track explores the overwhelming feeling of discomfort and unrest while being required to push on and help others. Jackson touches on what the track is about:

"It's not about anything particularly tangible and it can (and should) be interpreted in whatever way you relate to it. I would say it's about malaise, it's about not feeling quite there, being disillusioned and restless. It's basically about navigating adulthood in the 21st century – but pretty much all our songs are about that!"

Previous releases from The Great Emu War Casualties have seen support from Tone DeafLife Without Andy, theMusicAAA BackstageForte MagScenestrThe Soundcheck ReviewAustralian Musician3RRRRadio Adelaide4ZZZ and more.