Grace Sanders Dissipate

Grace Sanders Dissipate

Ahead of her debut EP 'GUMS'Grace Sanders is releasing her ever-evolving single 'DISSIPATE'.

Sanders with her eclectic and captivating electro-pop had a busy end to 2020 where she released her two single releases that saw support from the likes of Cool Accidents, NMETriple JDouble JTriple J UnearthedtheMusicAcidstagPileratsAU Review, RTR FM Sound Selection and more.

'GREEN' (released in August) showed a psych-electro side to Sanders with layers of synths and electric guitars creating psychedelic haze. 

'NO FAIR' (released in October) pivoted in sound, in a gritty, blood-bubbling electro-pop track. 

Now, 'DISSIPATE' is an evolving slow-burning track that opens like a ballad with delicately played nylon-string acoustic guitar as Sanders intimately wisps out her tender lyrics. Minimalistic touches of rumbling bass synths, samples, xylophone, harps and keys are introduced, building a passionate and levitating aura.

Like a crack of thunder, the track takes a turn into something akin to late 90's trip hop. The drums and bass groove out as Sanders graceful melodies get coated in effects. As the track moves towards an evocative close, Sanders electro-pop shines through as more layers of synths and samples are introduced with the final chorus, completing its metamorphosis. 

Self-declared as her baby, 'DISSIPATE' is something Sanders holds very close to her heart and is the piece she is most proud of to date. Sanders explains the meaning behind the track:

"'DISSIPATE' is an ode to mindfulness and surrendering to the peace and beauty within each moment. I wrestle a lot with anxiety and this track was my meditation on learning to accept each minute and second for what it is and practise living within that moment rather than constantly getting caught up in my head."