Sophie Falkiner Aussie Parents Are Going Nuts Interview

Sophie Falkiner Aussie Parents Are Going Nuts Interview

Sophie Falkiner Aussie Parents Are Going Nuts Interview

Aussie parents have spoken - 7.35am is officially the nuttiest time of day.

According to new research from KRAFT Nuts, 2.3 million parents believe breakfast to be the most hectic, frenzied and -nuttiest' time in their family's daily routine.

7.35am has been pinpointed as the pinnacle, as this time usually means parents are well and truly getting stuck into the breakfast routine – attempting to provide their kids with a decent breakfast before heading off for a long day at school or daycare.

With many believing breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, the research also found Aussie parents are spending a total of 25 minutes on the breakfast routine every day. This translates to a whopping 140 hours, or 5.8 days, every year, just on breakfast.

Celebrity mum and popular TV presenter, Sophie Falkiner comments, 'As a mum of two (aged 6 and 10), mornings are without doubt an absolutely nutty time in my household. Not only is there breakfast to be made and eaten, there's homework to be finished, washing to be hung, bags to be packed and kids to be dressed.

'Whilst it might be crazy, 7.35am is actually my favourite time of day – I use the brekky routine as an opportunity to chat to my kids and find out what the day ahead has in store for them."

In celebration of life's nutty moments, KRAFT Nuts has released a new, delicious range of spreads and peanut butters to inject the -RIGHT KINDA NUTS' into your day.

With the average Aussie kid eating nut spreads an average of 347 times a year, this is welcome news to the young Aussie nut lover!

The new products include:
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Alarmingly, the research also found that the overwhelming majority of parents (92 per cent) were unable to identify the daily nut target as 30 grams.

The new KRAFT Nuts spreads range has been designed to be enjoyed by all Australian nut lovers, as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. From the delicious Kraft Hazelnut Crunchy Spread – a first for Australian nut fans! – to the Kraft Natural Peanut Butter made from 100% nuts, the range allows consumers to make the choice that's right for them.

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Interview with Sophie Falkiner

Question: When is the 'nuttiest' time of day, for you and your family?

Sophie Falkiner: Definitely in the mornings, getting ready for school/work, between the times of 7am –8am. There are always a million things to do! Breakfast, school lunches, get dressed, finish off homework, and pack the right sport uniforms/instruments. Put a load of washing on, beds made, kitchen cleaned and gets everyone out the door at 8am or earlier. We literally are a "nut" house!

New research from Kraft Nuts also revealed that Aussie parents are experiencing the same thing – 2.3 Million parents have said 7.35am is the nuttiest time of day in their household!

Question: How do you deal with this time of the day?

Sophie Falkiner: I try and get the kids and myself as organised as possible the night before. I write "post it notes" on the fridge to remind me of things that I can't forget. Deep breaths work, I also love getting up at 6am to do some early exercise, which really helps me cope better when things can go a bit 'nutty". Finally, sitting down with my family to enjoy breakfast for 20 minutes each weekday together is something I look forward too – plus it helps calm down us all down!

Question: Why is breakfast your favourite time of the day?

Sophie Falkiner: Because, its family time! It's the only time in the morning we actually all get to sit down together and actually talk. I love hearing if someone has an exciting excursion that day, a presentation to do or something they are looking forward to it.

Question: What advice do you have for other mother's about dealing with the nutty periods?

Sophie Falkiner: Get organised, make sure you have all the uniforms washed the night before, permission slips signed and sometimes I even make their lunches the night before and keep them in the fridge. Remembering to have a sense of humour and deep breaths helps! Also, if you can get up early and your partner can mind the kids, go for a walk or head to the gym, it's great for endorphins and helps you deal with the 'nutty" times better.

Question: Can you talk about the breakfast routine, in your home?

Sophie Falkiner: My husband and I take it in turns to get up early to exercise, so one of us is usually up at 6am. My son is always up then playing with toys quietly in his room. He is often all dressed and ready to go - definitely a morning person! My daughter on the other hand, has to be woken up a few times between 7–7:15am. By 7am, I am dressed, showered and making the kid's school lunches. Checking homework has been done, bedrooms are cleaned and washing is on. Usually around 7:30am we wall sit down to breakfast together. Myself, my husband or my daughter will make it for the four of us. Then its packing school bags, brushing teeth, doing hair and out the door.

Question: How has your breakfast time changed over the years?

Sophie Falkiner: During the week it has got quicker, because there is always so much to do with a busy family during a working week. I often find that a piece of toast with Kraft peanut butter will be gobbled down in one hit, so I often give my kids this during the week.

On the weekend we all love nothing better than to really draw breakfast out by either cooking up a storm at home or walking down to a favourite café, get the papers, chat to the kids and order up big. Usually followed by a play in a park, or some time at the beach if it's a nice day.

Question: Why is breakfast time so important for you and your family?

Sophie Falkiner: Because it's the only time of the day in the mornings where you get to take stock and enjoy your loved ones. The rest of the morning we are running around like crazy people trying to get a multitude of things done. Eating breakfast and sitting down at a table stops the 'nuttiness" momentarily – except on our toast!

Question: What do you feed your family for breakfast?

Sophie Falkiner: I bought a "Nutri bullet" which I'm loving for fresh juices, fruit smoothies and protein shakes. We usually have a healthy smoothie, followed by porridge or toast. My son has hollow legs and will have a smoothie plus porridge and toast (with his favourite Kraft nut spread) and a bowl of yogurt! My daughter, I have to force her to have a small healthy drink, but she loves her toast and Kraft peanut butter. On the weekends, its poached eggs, avocado, spinach, tomato on toast. Or, for a special treat I make pancakes with Kraft Hazelnut smooth spread. I have to hide the jar from the kids otherwise they would eat the whole jar in one sitting!

Interview by Brooke Hunter