Levi Aron Yumtable Interview

Levi Aron Yumtable Interview

Levi Aron Yumtable.com.au Interview

Australians can now make free restaurant bookings online with benefits! Simply head to Yumtable.com.au, or download the free Yumtable app, to browse over 2,000 restaurants around Australia. Book your table and save up to $40 off a wide range of selected restaurants. New restaurants and special offers are added every day. No fees, no coupons or vouchers required!

Explore the Yumtable app and experience the ultimate foodie delight, search by cuisine, location, price and special offers. Check out delicious options for lunch or dinner and make a free booking - everything from local family restaurants to fine dining venues such as Red Spice Road in Melbourne and Pumphouse Bar & Tavern in Sydney. They're all here.

Avoid the awkward coupon experience, Yumtable takes the fuss out of restaurant dining by eliminating the need to present vouchers when paying the bill. When diners make a free booking through Yumtable they receive an instant confirmation, the offer is automatically communicated with the restaurant, and the discount discreetly applied to the restaurant bill. Owned by The Catch Group, the company behind Australia's leading online retail websites such as CatchOfTheDay, Yumtable's General Manager Levi Aron says this new platform is making dining out more convenient and affordable for food-loving Australians. "Australians have an insatiable appetite for wining and dining. On average we dine out 3.5 times per month."

"Yumtable has over 2,000 restaurant partners and provides diners the opportunity to receive up to $40 off their bill from a wide range of selected restaurants, saving serious money and turning an expensive dining experience into an affordable treat." said Aron.

"What's more, Yumtable offers diners an opportunity to be more adventurous with their restaurant repertoire - encouraging people to harness last-minute tables and try new cuisines and dining locations. Yumtable will become every food lover and householder's best friend!"

Yumtable is available online and via the Yumtable iPhone app, with the Android App being released to market end March.

Yumtable.com.au is a free online restaurant booking website and mobile app that makes eating out more affordable, by offering customers a saving of up to $40 off selected restaurants. Yumtable is part of The Catch Group, the team behind Australia's leading e-commerce websites CatchOfTheDay, EatNow, Scoopon, Mumgo, West Avenue and GroceryRun.

Interview with Levi Aron, General Manager at Yumtable.com.au

Question: What is Yumtable.com.au?

Levi Aron: If you're a foodie searching for a huge variety of delicious dining options, including many with special offers, visit Yumtable.com.au and start exploring hundreds of bookable restaurants around you today.

Question: What inspired the creation of Yumtable.com.au?

Levi Aron: We live in an age where we have begun to expect instant results, want to check the weather - open an app, want to transfer money now - open an app, want to chat and get a response now - open an app. We have become a foodie nation, and with dining out on the rise, bringing this same convenience to the dining experience, and the way we book and place reservations at over 2,000 restaurants is the solution we are bringing to Australian diners.

Question: How does Yumtable.com.au give customers up to 40% off their final bill?

Levi Aron: Many of our restaurants offer exclusive specials to our Yumtable diners. These specials can be in the form of a complimentary meal, 25% off total bill capped at $40, or even some of their own bespoke specials. Where relevant, the special offer or discount is automatically and discreetly applied to the bill at the end of meal when the bill is presented.

Question: How does Yumtable.com.au deal with fussy eaters?

Levi Aron: Interesting question. Having such a wide breadth of restaurants on Yumtable.com.au as well as across our iPhone and Android apps provides fussy eaters with an abundance of dining options. They can select restaurants via location, cuisines, special offers and price ranges.

Question: What restaurants is Yumtable.com.au currently associated with?

Levi Aron: Yumtable.com.au has well over 2,000 restaurant partners with 1,800+ currently available on the website and apps. Recently Yumtable.com.au partnered with Bookarestaurant.com bringing another 400+ restaurants into the Yumtable, many of these 400 are top of the town when it comes to dining and has been welcomed by our Yumtable customers with even more restaurants options available.

Question: How can we get the best table at a restaurant using Yumtable.com.au?

Levi Aron: The majority of bookings that take place on Yumtable are bookings placed for today/tonight. We have allocation in each of our Yumtable restaurants. When using Yumtable, get in early - if you book even just one day in advance you will find that the restaurant will recognise and quite possibly place your seating in the best spot. In the next month we are adding a feature where you will be able to request the position of your table i.e. by the front, near the kitchen, outside, etc. etc.

Question: Is it possible to get a reservation at a booked out restaurant? If so, how?

Levi Aron: We have seating allocations in all our restaurants, as such we are able to instantly confirm your bookings. However there are circumstances that do sometimes fall out of our control, in these situations we will offer recommendations and rebook you at a similar cuisine, or similar location restaurant.

Question: Can you please provide your top five dining etiquette for first dates?

1. Levi Aron: Location matters – pick a venue that's not too noisy and one with good lighting for ambience
2. Plan ahead –browse through the menu to make sure it suits dietary preferences and your budget
3. Give yourself a 15min buffer in case you run into parking or traffic issues
4. Keep your phone off the table – unless you're a food blogger, it's rude to be on your phone….especially on a first date
5. Deciding who pays the bill can be an awkward situation. It's good taste for both parties to make an effort in footing the bill.

Question: What are your insider tips for the best dining experience?

1. Levi Aron: BYO your own wine where possible or share a bottle of wine, it'll always be cheaper than buying a glass
2. Share your mains and order more entrees. You'll get to sample more of the menu and cut costs
3. If the fancy restaurant on your bucket list is out of your budget, making a booking for lunch instead of dinner, where menu prices are slightly lower
4. Need to try that new restaurant that everyone is talking about? Make your booking on Tuesdays when restaurants tend to plan their week
5. If you want to dine on a budget, head out during the week where more specials will be available

Question: How can we get Yumtable.com.au?

Levi Aron: Yumtable is available both on the Itunes App store and the Android play store.
For iPhone click here
For Android click here

Interview by Brooke Hunter