Shine+ Review

Looking for a mental pick-me-up? Australia's first focus drink, Shine+, has launched across the country.


Focus drinks are a new class of beverages formulated for one purpose - to maintain levels of focus, concentration and mental performance. 


To that end, the Shine+ team engaged professors of psychopharmacology, Olympic sports psychologists and leading food technologists to develop a drink for individuals looking to be at their mental peak.


The drink contains a number of natural ingredients known as -nootropics', including Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea Extract (with L-Theanine), Caffeine, Turmeric and other ingredients known to support mental function such as Siberian Ginseng and Vitamins B6 and B12. Nootropics are clinically proven to benefit the mind and have become very popular in Silicon Valley and Ivy League schools.


Unlike -energy drinks' or other caffeinated beverages, Shine+ contains a low amount of sugar and has no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Shine+ ingredients allow people to avoid the well-known -caffeine crash' and maintain a prolonged, clean focus for hours instead. 


On the taste front, the drink has a fiery ginger lemon and turmeric flavour designed to stimulate the brain. It can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled.


Beyond the individual advantages, Shine+ also has benefits for people globally. Recognising that 700 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water, the company has partnered with Water Is Life for the Shine4Water campaign. A program that, for every bottle of Shine+ sold, provides one day of clean drinking water to a person in need. 


CEO & Co-Founder of Shine+, Stephen Chapman, said, 'I'm very proud of Shine+ as it not only helps everyday Australians be at their best, but it also gives others access to life-saving clean drinking water at the same time."


Shine+ is the brain-child of Stephen Chapman (CEO & Co-Founder) and Dr Sam Prince (BRW Young Rich List & Young Australian of the Year, ACT). 


It comes in a beautiful and portable 110ml glass bottle and is available for purchase online and in selected stores around Australia. In-store it is sold individually, or online in packs of 7 ($35 AUD), 12 ($57 AUD), 24 ($96 AUD) and 28 ($112 AUD).


Whether preparing for an upcoming job interview, cramming for that exam or looking to combat mental fatigue, Shine+ is the perfect drinks for Aussies looking to be top of their game.


Review: Currently I can confess I'm burning the candle at both ends... work is insane as I'm covering others jobs whilst still trying to be a good colleague, partner, friend, daughter, Godmother and gym buddie... AND I'm trying to eat as clean as possible to keep fit and healthy yet all I want to do is reach for coffee and chocolate to keep me energised… ENTER Shine+.


I've been intrigued about Shine+ mostly because I'm quite health-conscious but regularly looking for a pick me up to get through the day. I stopped using pre-work out recently and knew it was time to try Shine+.


I had my first Shine+ at 2pm on Tuesday when I was lacking motivation and needed to enhance concentration – it actually worked – I got a buzz and beat my fatigue without that jittery coffee and pre-workout comedown feeling. I woke with a foggy brain before gym at 5am on Wednesday (did. not. want. to. go.) – had a Shine+ and had an intense session without a caffeine or pre-workout hit (just incase you were wondering I smashed a leg-press PB too)! On Thursday I had a Shine+ and didn't even drink a coffee, ALL DAY, which is nearly as big of an accomplishment as the PB because I usually drink 3-4 long blacks, a day. By Friday, Shine+ and I were besties.


I'm converted (not just because of the PB – think I could mention it any more times?) but because I know it worked, for me. Shine+ might seem pricey but for pure ingredients, who can complain? It's the same price (if not cheaper) than a coffee. I'm actually not a fan of ginger but the lemon and lime aspects of the drink are incredible. And… who doesn't love an Australian product?


Did you know for every bottle of Shine+ sold the company donates one day of clean drinking water to someone in need? This, hands-down, makes the product worthwhile.


I actually had a Shine+ before I wrote this review… enough said?

- Brooke Hunter


For more information or interview please visit the Shine+ website