Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy

We have all spent much more time inside than planned this year, and our homes and have taken a battering, especially from penned-in pets and kids. Spring cleaning this year has become an especially daunting task, with many people simply not knowing where to start or what products can bring their living spaces back to life after lockdown. The Scrub Daddy family of cult cleaning products replaces dozens of other sponges, sprays and harsh chemicals…


The just-launched Eraser Daddy 10x simply refuses to disintegrate unlike other magic erasers. In fact, he lasts ten times longer, hence his catchy name. Just some of the many lockdown-generated cleaning challenges he can magic away with no sprays and a dip in water include:

  • Crayon, felt-tip and pencil marks from cooped-up kids - he even has a good go at permanent marker
  • Battered walls, skirting boards, doors and light switches - he can do multiple rooms without falling apart
  • For kitchens that have been running overtime - baking trays, sinks, fridges, ovens and even stainless-steel can sparkle (just rub with the metal's grain)
  • Bathtubs, basins, loos, shower screens, tiles and tapware
  • The messy side-effects of increased lockdown DIY - he can tidy up jobs by removing paint and grout splatters
  • Almost anything outdoors – pool tiles, garden furniture (plastic, wood or metal), decking, BBQs (inside and out), and even your car's wheels and interior
  • Scuff marks on white trainers that may have seen extra exercise use (in fact scuffs on almost anything)
  • And almost anywhere else that's showing extra lockdown grime


He's the latest offspring of the original Scrub Daddy sponge – the most successful product ever from Shark Tank (USA) by inventor Aaron Krause, who says "Our FlexTexture material is firm in cold water for scrubbing without scratching, then softer in warm water for sponging, both without the need for extra cleaning chemicals, and all while remaining odourless. Not only can he replace all your other sponges and most of your sprays, but he lasts much longer and can even be deep cleaned in the dishwasher or microwave."


His smiley face isn't just for fun – the eyes allow fingers to firmly grip the Daddy in tricky spots like the bottom of cups, his spiky haircut gets right into corners and crevices, his mouth cleans both sides of cutlery in one stroke, while the Daddy Caddy allows you to neatly pop him out of sight on the side of your sink while he dries out - he even comes in a range of colours to suit different decors.


The equally smiley Scrub Mommy brings the best of both worlds with FlexTexture on one side and suds-generating ResoFoam sponge on the other, while Screen Daddy is a small but mighty, reusable wipe for smartphone and laptop screens.

Scrub Daddy Family is now available at


  • Eraser Daddy 10x - RRP $6.95 (twin pack)
  • Scrub Daddy - RRP $5.95
  • Scrub Mommy - RRP $5.95
  • Daddy Caddy - RRP $5.95
  • Screen Daddy – RRP $2.95 (twin pack)
  • Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh - RRP $5.95
  • Scrub Daddy Colours - RRP $23.50 (four pack)
  • Scour Daddy - RRP $6.95 (three pack)
  • Soap Daddy - $14.95