Salads in a Jar

Salads in a Jar

Salads in a Jar

A salad in a jar is the new -salad-on-the-go' trend that is taking the world by storm!

In our busy lives, we are always looking for nutritious, delicious, satisfying meals that are fast and simple to prepare. Salads in a Jar will show you how you can take it to another lever, layering jars with salads to create lunches or breakfasts on the go.

Salads in a Jar will show you how to cleverly pack your salads so everything stays separate and dressing-free until you toss the salads together in a bowl. You will never need to eat another soggy salad again!

With 35 inspiring, time-saving-recipes " including chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and even a sweet selection " the salads are portable, the packaging is environmentally friendly and the recipes are delicious. Additionally the salads can last for several days in the fridge, you can always have yummy breakfasts and lunches ready to go.

The youngest of six, Courtney Roulston was more into playing cricket and fishing than cooking as a child. But at the tender age of eight, she discovered a real affinity to cooking, as she loved to study her mother's cookbooks. After a successful TV stint she set up her own successful catering company with clients ranging from a popular sports team and a politicians to private catering jobs. Courtney's passion for food reflects in her beautiful created dishes, with her specialty sitting in the art of making and dressing real salads, a accompanied by her very own distinctive twist.

Salads in a Jar
New Holland Publishers Australia
Author: Courtney Roulston
RRP: $24.95

Interview with Courtney Roulston

Question: What inspires you when creating recipes especially for Salads in a Jar?

Courtney Roulston: The main inspiration for me is fresh, healthy food that can be eaten on the go. Whilst travelling, I visited New York & -food in jar' was a big trend over there. I thought it was great idea & so decided to bring this incentive back to Australia with me. Even in Sydney, I've found that there really aren't many alternatives to the regular fast food- I wanted to change this!

Question: Which of the recipes featured in Salads in a Jar holds the most memories for you?

Courtney Roulston: Funnily enough, the most memorable recipe in my book is actually the cheesecake recipe. The reason being that when I was a child, the cheesecake was one of the very first recipes I ever made… & my family devoured!

Question: Can you talk about the concept surrounding Salads in a Jar?

Courtney Roulston: The concept is simple… Real, healthy food that is eaten on the go. Eat your jar at work , on the run, or if you want a shake-up at home! The jars are not designed to be held together by two pieces of bread (the norm)! It's all about healthy, fast food you'll look forward to eating day in & day out.

Question: Why are glass jars better for us than plastic containers?

Courtney Roulston: Do you prefer a nice glass of champagne in a plastic container or a glass?! Haha… Well, glass is more durable (if it isn't broken), it tends not to leak or crack & they also look nicer. Plastic containers (even when washed) sometimes harbor a slight odour- glass does not.

Question: Can you talk us through the method and then how we eat a salad in a jar?

Courtney Roulston: Basically (in true Aussie style), you make an upside down salad… The general rule is to sit the wet ingredients at the bottom. So, your dressing goes in first, followed by the more robust ingredients- such as lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, proteins & finally, the more delicate ingredients should sit at the top. This being, salad leaves, avocados & soft herbs.

Interview by Brooke Hunter