Everyday Mediterranean

Everyday Mediterranean

Everyday Mediterranean

From mezedes (small plates) to hearty meat dishes, Everyday Mediterranean provides not only a great insight into the Mediterranean diet, but also a strong sense of community, transforming mealtimes as not only being a time to eat, but a time to spend together, forging strong bonds between family and friends.

Everyday Mediterranean offers the reader a spectrum of tastes and flavours, by sticking to traditional ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Author Mary Valle evolves the conventional dullness associated with dieting into a vibrant, immersive adventure.

The book features a collection of recipes that embraces the necessity for fresh ingredients and the importance of culture. Mary's Personal experiences are emphasised throughout the entirety of the book as the reader embarks on a journey to explore newer and fresher ideas.

Everyday Mediterranean is a necessary element to our daily lives as it colours the simplicity of food whilst simultaneously creating appreciation for the freshness and excitement of a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Valle, born and raised by Greek parents, grew up immersed in Greek tradition and armed with an undying passion for food. Her personal interests of travelling and cooking play a major role in her culinary pursuits. She is not only the author of the best-selling cookery book 'My Greek Kitchen", but also a teacher in Mediterranean-style cooking in Melbourne. In addition to this, Mary will be commencing multiple tours around Greece this coming year.

Everyday Mediterranean
New Holland Publishers
Author: Mary Valle
RRP: $35.00

Interview with Mary Valle

Question: What inspired you to create Everyday Mediterranean?

Mary Valle: In recent times we have seen a -back to basics' trend…growing your own, wholefoods, making your own yogurt and much more…and this is wonderful. I am seeing more and more people moving away from fast food and embracing home cooking, focusing on their health and wellbeing when it comes to the meals that they are preparing… and this is good thing.

The Mediterranean plate is not only about the food that is eaten but also about the lifestyle. The importance of this is evident in the research into the longevity of people who live in the Mediterranean. The enjoyment of the Greek Mediterranean diet seems to be key, it is referred to the healthiest way to eat, so Everyday Mediterranean came to be…my inspiration being living longer the Mediterranean way.

Question: Can you talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

Mary Valle: The Mediterranean plate is the healthiest in the world starting with olive oil, it is simple, seasonal, nutritious and delicious.

Seasonal and the integrity of the ingredients are the cornerstone, excellent olive oil, best honey, yogurt, sun-kissed seasonal fruit and vegetables, wild greens, whole grains, fish and seafood, carefully portioned meats and chesses.

Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet has many health benefits such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke as well as a protective role towards some cancers. These studies also show additional benefits such as protection against alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, healthy cholesterol levels, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and promotes a healthy weight.

Question: What are the main ingredients featured in Everyday Mediterranean?

Mary Valle: The main ingredients featured in Everyday Mediterranean are olive oil, wild greens, beans and pulses, fruit and vegetables and some meat.

Question: Which recipe holds the most memories for you in Everyday Mediterranean?

Mary Valle: Rizogalo holds for me many memories and nostalgia. As a young girl I remember coming home from school and finding a small bowl of rizogalo waiting for me with a sprinkling of cinnamon on it for my afternoon snack. These are the memories that I love and hold dear.

Question: Can you tell us about your Mediterranean-style cooking classes?

Mary Valle: I love to share my passion for cooking and in particular all things Mediterranean. I offer private cooking classes in the comfort of your own home for one or for a small group. I focus on the Mediterranean cuisine – it is fresh, healthy, comforting and diverse. All dishes that we create are inspired by the season's produce and designed to suit your needs. I also run cooking classes in various cooking schools in Melbourne and information can always be found on my website or facebook page.

Interview by Brooke Hunter