Warrior Elite

Warrior Elite

Warrior Elite

Warrior Elite is a unique and compelling account of Australia's special forces and intelligence operations - ranging from the early special forces of World War II to the establishment and development of the SAS and Commando Regiments as the elite fighters of today, and from the Australian Security Intelligence Service to the Australian Signals Directorate and ASIO. It is an authoritative, gripping and thoroughly up-to-date account of both the history and current state of our special forces and intelligence bodies - and gives a unique glimpse into the warfare of the future. Our future.

Robert Macklin has conducted dozens of exclusive interviews and uncovered incredible, daring and sometimes heartbreaking stories of the elite troops that guard our nation and engage in secret operations around the world. He has had significant cooperation from numerous sources within the special forces and the various intelligence agencies.

Both thoroughly researched and colourfully written, Warrior Elite will attract the reader of action memoirs as well as those interested in broader military history and espionage.

Robert Macklin was born in Queensland and educated at Brisbane Grammar School, Queensland University and the ANU. He began his journalistic career on The Courier-Mail and subsequently wrote for The Age, The Bulletin and was Associate Editor of The Canberra Times until 2003.

He is the author of 26 books, including four novels and major works of history and biography, including three memoirs of recently retired SAS Operators. He is a graduate of the Australian Film and TV School and has written and directed documentary films in 33 countries of Asia and the South Pacific.

He now lives in Canberra and Tuross Head and divides his time between his screenplays and books.

Warrior Elite
Hachette Australia
Author: Robert Macklin
ISBN: 9780733632914
RRP: $35.00

Interview with Robert Macklin

Question: What inspired you to write Warrior Elite?

Robert Macklin: I had previously written three biographies of SAS operators and was fascinated by the way our Special Forces had developed into the hard cutting edge of our defence and security. I wanted to find out how that came about.

Question: How does Warrior Elite differ from your previous books?

Robert Macklin: It incorporates an extraordinary range of information about our SAS and Commandos on the one hand, and our Intelligence Agencies on the other. The challenge for me was to weave these several stories together to make for a powerful narrative.

Question: Can you talk about specific research you conducted prior to writing Warrior Elite?

Robert Macklin: I interviewed scores top military and intelligence figures in Canberra and elsewhere. I also read at least two dozen books on the subject, either at the National Library as gifts from the authors, usually members of the ANU's Defence and Security Studies Centre. I also drew upon my earlier political research for the biography of Kevin Rudd.

Question: What do you hope readers take from Warrior Elite?

Robert Macklin: I hope they take an appreciation of the way our defence and security priorities are evolving, and the need to think anew about the value of our traditional alliances with the United States and other members of the Anglosphere. I also want them to understand the joint threats of ISIS and climate change to our future security.

Interview by Brooke Hunter