Rachael Finch Gets Mummalicious With Her Little Peach Interview

Rachael Finch Gets Mummalicious With Her Little Peach Interview

Rachael Finch Gets Mummalicious With Her Little Peach Interview

Being a new mum has changed Rachael Finch's lifestyle, but it won't change her diet, an emphasis on healthy foods and a love of -100% Dribbilicious' Australian summer stonefruit.

The model, TV presenter, fitness lover and foodie gave birth to her first child in late September and has embarked on a -keep fresh, fit and healthy' campaign utilising her summer workout in conjunction with mouth-watering summer stonefruit recipes.

'Christmas and the New Year will be a totally different experience with a new addition to the household," she said. 'We'll start our own traditions as a new family, but I'll still be reaching for the big bowl of stonefruit that has always been on the kitchen table since I was a baby."

The Australian summer stonefruit ambassador said peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots are such a big part of our Aussie culture that it's easy to forget they are rich in vitamins A, C and E and a great source of dietary fibre and potassium.

'I love the fact that on a hot summer's day I can still snack or cook with fresh local produce that tastes great and is also good for me," she said.

'I'm big on experimenting with homegrown stonefruit and love the versatility in jazzing up salads, marinades, cereals, smoothies, fruit salads and a whole range of classic cakes and desserts."

Australian summer stonefruit is available from October to April with the festive season and New Year the height of domestic production.

'I always try to make the most of the peak season when they're at their best and when I can get behind our brilliant local growers," Rachael said.

'Supporting the local green-thumb community is really important to me because I have family whose livelihood is in horticulture. I know how hard they work to ensure the best quality fruit is produced right on our doorstep."

Rachael said having a spring baby is even more reason to complement healthy eating with plenty of outdoor activity. She just has to be more flexible about baby-friendly timing and pursuits.

'Pushing the pram and park and beach visits will be mixed with exercise I can do at home. I have five exercises that give me a full body workout in just 20 minutes so they'll be an awesome time saver!

'I think balance is important to ensure you're full of energy despite the change in routine and environment that comes with being a new parent. Staying active and eating well is crucial for my health over summer - it's my favourite time of the year!"

'I'll make a fair dent in the 100,000 tonnes of nectarines, plums, apricots and peaches our growers produce annually!"

Around 800 growers are part of the production line that starts in sub-tropical Queensland and rolls out down-country as the sun heads south for summer. The northern areas of Western Australia and New South Wales spring into action before Victoria and South Australia come on-stream, rounded off by Tasmanian harvests from mid-January.

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Interview with Rachael Finch

Question: What inspired you to join the Australian Summer Stonefruit campaign?

Rachael Finch: I've been a huge fan of Aussie summer stonefruit since I could eat stonefruit! I remember Mum always having a huge bowl of nectarines and peaches on the table around Christmas time and now I have my own family I do a lot of cooking with it. It's refreshing, healthy and delicious!

Question: Why is it important for you to keep fresh, fit and healthy?

Rachael Finch: I love getting out of bed feeling 110%. Leading a healthy life is my priority to feel good, avoid illness and take care of my family. We aren't here for very long so I believe in treasuring our bodies from the inside out.

Question: What are your top tips for Australians to keep fresh, fit and healthy?

Rachael Finch: Do what you love! We all know staying active is good for us, so find something you enjoy and do it regularly. I never danced as a child but now I love it and mix it with other activities including yoga, swimming and power walking. Also find healthy recipes that you enjoy and are easy to make. There's some great ones out there!

Question: What do you enjoy most about Australian Summer Stonefruit?

Rachael Finch: I love the versatility in preparing them. They can be eaten for entree, main, dessert or as a snack on their own.

Question: What's your favourite way to eat Australian Summer Stonefruit?

Rachael Finch: Over the kitchen sink after coming home from a swim in the ocean!

Question: As a mother yourself, how do you fit in your regular exercise?

Rachael Finch: I take Violet with me when I exercise. I've been using the gym less and doing more outdoor work which I absolutely love! We walk around our neighbourhood, workout in the park and swim at the beach. She watches me from her pram or I put her on the grass next to me.

Question: What results have you seen from your Summer Workout?

Rachael Finch: I feel stronger! Working on my core has also been a priority and so I am happy to have more control and stability.

Question: What's the biggest change you've made since becoming a mother?

Rachael Finch: More preparation and patience. Love every bit.

Question: How do stonesfruits fit into your Christmas and New Year?

Rachael Finch: They are everywhere! When we go to a friend's house for dinner I'll take some stonefruit with me or prepare a dessert made with peaches or apricots. I also love going home to Townsville and having it straight from the fridge throughout the day!

Interview by Brooke Hunter