Pure Poppet Natural Hair Colour Packs

Pure Poppet Natural Hair Colour Packs

Pure Poppet Natural Hair Colour Packs


Pure Poppet, the brand behind the innovative natural play makeup and face paint products, takes dress up fun to the next level with the launch of the newest product in their natural and non-toxic children's range – Natural Hair Colour Packs. These non-permanent Hair Colour Packs ensure your Poppets can tint their tresses naturally in colours of pink, blue, green, orange and purple. Make creative fun extra special without damaging their strands!

Georga Holdich, Founder of Pure Poppet says, 'I'm delighted to introduce the new Natural Hair Colour packs into the Pure Poppet range. Pure Poppet already provides so many quality, natural play makeup and face paint products that it was only fitting to introduce hair colour for delicate poppet hair.

Designed to be gentle and non-permanent as they're made from mineral powders to prevent damage, these Hair Colour packs provide a non-toxic alternative to harsh adult hair colour."

The Pure Poppet Natural Hair Colour Packs are the perfect addition to the Pure Poppet play makeup range with no nasty surprises as they are made in Australia from natural ingredients that are safe for precious hair and skin. Each pack comes with 3 x 2g jars of powder colour plus a Pure Poppet Hair applicator brush.

The Hair Colour Packs are available in two different colour combos, which include:
3 x 2g jars of pink, blue and green powders with a Pure Poppet hair applicator brush

3 x 2g jars of green, purple and orange powders with a Pure Poppet hair applicator brush

For application of the Natural Hair Colour:
1. Spritz your hair with some water (don't soak it though)
2. Tap a little bit of the powder onto a dish and wet the enclosed applicator brush, squeezing out any excess water
3. Mix the water with the powder
4. Brush the hair colour onto the hair in a downward motion
5. For longer lasting colour, spray some hair spray after applying or set with a hair iron (ensure adult help if using hot appliances)

The Pure Poppet Hair Colour is easy to remove by simply washing out with your usual shampoo and conditioner. So grab your hair accessories, some of your friends and create your very own hairstyles with
natural colour to add extra creativity to playtime!

Pure Poppet continues to make dress-ups extra exciting and super safe as they expand their innovative,
natural and non-toxic range allowing imaginations to run wild. With Pure Poppet it's all about adding some colour to your day, having heaps of fun and doing it safely. Keep your poppet safe, natural and toxin free, and enjoy dress ups the harmless way with Pure Poppet's new Natural Hair Colour Packs.


Pure Poppet Natural Face Paint Packs RRP $19.95 available now from www.purepoppet.com and
selected retailers

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