Peters and Arnott's Ice-cream Collabortation

Peters and Arnott's Ice-cream Collabortation

Peters and Arnott's Ice-cream Collabortation

Two of Australia's most-loved companies, Peters and Arnott's, have joined forces in an exciting collaboration.


From August, Aussie consumers will be able to experience the taste of some of Australia's most iconic biscuits, Wagon Wheels, Mint Slice, Iced Vovo and Caramel Crowns in the ice cream freezer. 


Together Peters and Arnott's have more than 260 years heritage in Australia delighting Aussie taste buds across the generations.


While Arnott's worked on transferring the flavour of the biscuit, Peters perfected the flavour as a quality frozen experience. The result is four delicious treats, suited for old-school Arnott's lovers, ice-cream sandwich fans and anyone looking for a post dinner treat or snack.


-It might sound simple but our biggest challenge was to make sure the flavours were true to the biscuit. So, when you taste the products in the range, you're transported to eating your favourite biscuit and can't help but smile!'' said Claire Kesby-Smith, Arnott's Marketing Manager.


As the best of two worlds collide, Peters is proud to bring a reinvented Aussie classic to consumers.


-'We know food evokes a strong sense of memory, and most of us grew up with our favourites in the Arnott's biscuit range. We hope these four flavours bring back some classic moments as well as spark some friendly competition between the flavours.'' said Alicia Munday, Peters Head of Marketing.


-'Eating these products feels very nostalgic. It takes you back to your childhood.''


Arnott's Wagon Wheels sandwich is a deliciously cool combination of biscuits, marshmallow, jam and chocolate. It's accompanied by Arnott's Mint Slice, a refreshing take on the iconic and much loved biscuit. There will also be two new 470ml tubs containing the classic flavours of Arnott's Iced Vovo, a medley of vanilla biscuit, coconut and raspberry , and Arnott's Caramel Crowns, a popular mix of gooey caramel and chocolate coated biscuit. 


-'We're excited to launch what we're sure will become a new family favourite,'' said Munday.


All flavours are available from Coles, Woolworths and Independent across the country, hitting shelves from August. Wagon Wheels also available in Convenience.