Funch DIY Protein Ball Mixes

Funch DIY Protein Ball Mixes

Funch DIY Protein Ball Mixes Review

Funch is an Australian owned business that offers a range of Premixes for Healthy Snacks. Funch's range includes DIY Mixes for Protein Balls, Bliss Balls, No Bake Slice, Muesli Slice and Cookies.


I was immediately impressed with Funch's extensive range of products and how easy it was to create their balls, at home. I love protein balls but I'm too lazy to make them from scratch and too stingy to buy them pre-made which is why I was very excited to try out Funch's Protein and Bliss Ball range including the flavours: Honeycomb Crunch, Chocolate and Vanilla + Coconut.

I love the Luxe Ball in Honeycomb Crunch mix as it tasted so naughty – but not; closely followed by the Chocolate Bliss Ball mix (Dad honestly thought I'd bought Rum Balls for dessert). However in saying that, I'll be a regular consumer of the Vanilla + Coconut Protein Balls as they are gluten free and didn't cause me any bloating, at all.

The treats were all gone within three days of me making them (so I can't comment on their fridge-life) but I thoroughly enjoyed them pre and post gym workouts whilst my family ate them as snacks, throughout the day. My bestie stole a couple to try and has already placed another Funch order as she found they were so tasty and satisfying for dessert.

Every single product I've tried from Funch has been delicious, nutritious and fulfilling with the ability to beat ANY cravings (whether at 11am, 3pm or 9pm).

My absolute favourite thing about this range was how easy it was to create; Funch includes three different options to create the mix and they all only have two ingredients (one of the options only really has one because the second is water)! How easy is that? If I can make them, you can too (seriously).

It's easy to avoid sugar or ingredients you can't pronounce at mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack time with Funch!
- Brooke Hunter


Funch health food mixes are available online or in health food stores, grocers and supermarkets.