Onassis Dolmades

Onassis Dolmades
Bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen with Onassis, producers of the finest quality hand made dolmades since 1962.

According to Greek mythology, Dolmades were first served with ambrosia and nectar on Olympus, the mountain of the gods. However, history suggests that the origin of stuffed vine leaves goes back to the time when Alexander the Great besieged Thebes. With little food to eat, the Thebans cut what meat they had into little bits and rolled it in grape vine leaves; hence the birth of the now famous dolmades.

Dolmades are made from tender, young grape vine leaves and are traditionally filled with minced lamb, rice and various herbs as spices such as mint, fennel, parsley, dill and garlic, pine nuts or raisins. Meat filled Dolmades are usually served warm with yoghurt whereas non-meat varieties are served at room temperature. All Onassis Dolmades sold in Australia are vegetarian and can be enjoyed as an entree, main meal or side dish. They also make the perfect finger food for entertaining.

Onassis produces an extensive range of traditional Greek delicacies from authentic recipes handed down over many generations. Onassis Dolmades are available in three flavours: Traditional, with a special, seasoned rice filling; Rice, Tomatoes, Roasted Eggplant and Roasted Peppers or Pine Nuts and Raisins.

Review: The real taste of Greece is now conveniently available locally. Onassis Dolmades have a delicate taste, perfect for antipasta, starters, or for a creative flair add to a salad and use the oil as dressing. A delicious snack or lunch alternative, Onassis Dolmades, are quick easy and healthy alternative to fast food.

Onassis Dolmades are distributed through Pacchini & Sons and can be purchased from Coles, Franklins, IGA, independent grocers, fruiterers and delicatessens from $3.60.

For more information on Onassis products or Pacchini & Sons, call 02 9725 5000 or visit www.pacchiniandsons.com.au

About Pacchini:
In 1972 Pacchini & Sons formed and soon firmly established dealings with independent supermarkets and delicatessens as food importers, wholesalers and brokers. In 1979 the family-run business began developing its import division to cater for the increasing demand for good quality imported food products such as de Nigris range of Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, Cardini's 'The Original Caesar Dressing' and Cardini's Caesar Salad Croutons. Pacchini & Sons currently carry over 1200 products from over 60 companies across 12 countries and stock to over 2300 outlets across the country, including supermarkets, specialty grocers and delicatessens. Based in Sydney, Pacchini & Sons have a national distribution network, which enables them to offer comprehensive, reliable and efficient solutions for importing, wholesaling and distributing food products from Australia and around the world.