Protein and Fruit & Nut Bars Review

Protein and Fruit & Nut Bars Review

NuVitality Protein and Fruit & Nut Bars

Today's fast-paced lifestyle means it can be challenging to squeeze in healthy habits and avoid reaching for unhealthy treats to get through busy days.

For nourishment on the go, new NuVitality Protein and Fruit & Nut Bars are made from the highest quality ingredients to make it incredibly convenient to enjoy a nutritious snack that tastes delicious and can help fuel a jam-packed day.

According to NuVitality Wellness Expert, Tully Humphrey (Owner and Founder of Tully Lou), planning ahead and pre-packing nutritious snacking options on a demanding schedule is a simple tip that can help maintain a healthier lifestyle and make more considered food choices:

'Many foods that are easiest to grab whilst on the go are usually packed with hidden nasties that can make you feel sluggish and unsatisfied. My number one tip is to be prepared, which is why I always carry healthier snack options with me so I am not tempted to reach for a less nutritious option."

'The NuVitality healthy bars range are a great snacking option. I always look for something that is a good source of protein that can help you feel fuller for longer and sustain your energy levels, especially in between meals." says Tully.

Low in sugar, NuVitality Protein Bars deliver a good source of protein as well as fibre and are perfect for a post workout snack. And when hunger strikes in-between meetings, apricot-based NuVitality Fruit & Nut Bars are minimally processed and full of fruits, nuts and seeds to offer a good source of fibre and help boost energy.

NuVitality Protein and Fruit & Nut bars are available in a range of delicious flavour pairings including Raspberry Chocolate, Peppermint Chocolate or Coconut Chocolate and three Fruit & Nut varieties including Apricot Almond Coconut, Apricot Almond Chia Cinnamon and Cranberry Pistachio.

'The NuVitality bars satisfy my sweet tooth as they're still big in flavour. They are low in sugar and high in good quality ingredients so I know that I am putting wholesome food into my body, especially post workout," says Tully.

Review: The NuVitality Protein bars are delicious, full of flavour and the perfect size for a snack. The bars have a chewy texture and are sweet even though they are high in protein. None of the flavour blends are too strong or overbearing - the fruit and nut are subtle. Our favourite is the Coconut Chocolate flavour – it is AMAZING!

- Brooke Hunter


Healthy Tips for Busy Lifestyles with Nuvitality Wellness Expert, Tully Humphrey (Owner And Founder Of Tully Lou)

Tully Humphrey, small in stature but huge in heart.
A certified Bikram Yoga instructor who has taught the likes of One Direction's Harry Styles, Tully enjoys staying in shape to support her lifestyle and rep her activewear label, Tully Lou. As creative director and designer of the activewear brand, a healthier world where you're well dressed in body-loving activewear is front and centre in her sights. Working one on one with women to motivate them to move more and feel better, Tul emphasises the importance to find foods that make you feel good and motivational mantras that resonate with you personally.

Working with brands that share her positive, realistic mindset puts Tully in a league of her own when it comes to the healthy female figure.

Confidence comes from a mindset and realistic approach – one Tully certainly has nailed.

Portion control, under control.
Healthy bars that are packed with nourishing ingredients can help you feel fuller for longer, especially in between meals. This is one of the ways I know I can continue to snack well and not binge on unhealthy foods.

Make healthy choices on the go.
For busy people on the go, keep healthy snack options on hand such as protein and fruit & nut bars or boiled eggs so you won't reach for foods that are packed with sugar. I always carry a NuVitality bar with me and grab brown rice sushi, rice paper rolls or sashimi from local takeaway stores when I am on the go when I don't have time to prepare a decent lunch.

Don't skip on breakfast.
I am a massive believer in eating good breakfast. Try to make the time to fit in a healthy breakfast with good fats, proteins and carbs every morning.

Stay hydrated.
Always carry a bottle of water with you. At least eight glasses of water a day can help keep your energy levels high, reduce hunger, aide digestion and keep concentration levels sharp.

Preparation is key.
When my schedule is busy, I know that I will end up coming home late and eating unhealthy foods. To prevent this, on a Sunday every week I sit down, look at my schedule and start to meal plan and prepare food in advance. This ensures I have the right foods in my fridge.

Stock up on healthy options.
Include a range of food from the major food groups such as a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and lean protein. Protein can also be sourced from beans and other legumes, nuts and seeds. Try meals that are more plant-based then add proteins and good fats.

Keep a healthy schedule.
Schedule in healthy habits such as exercise as if they were appointments with yourself. I schedule in all of my workouts in my diary at the start of the week. This allows me to see exactly what I am doing and where I should be working out.

Make time for time out.
Meditation at least once a day can help to keep your mind at peace. It helps me become more aware of the choices I make with food and my lifestyle.

In convenient 30g bars, the NuVitality Protein and Fruit & Nut bars are available from Independent Supermarkets and Convenience stores with an RRP of $2.49 each.