Kid Tested and Mum Approved

Kid Tested and Mum Approved

Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks

Everyone knows it can sometimes be a struggle to get kids to eat vegetables.

But now Mother Earth is helping out. It has introduced its Vege Fruit Sticks to Australia, a delicious and wholesome snack designed especially for children's taste buds.

Vege Fruit Sticks are the latest addition to the growing Mother Earth range. They are available in two flavours - Beetroot, Apple and Berry and Carrot, Apple and Orange.

Made with real vegetable puree – not juice or concentrate – the new Vege Fruit Sticks contain more vegetables than fruit in the filling, and are an enjoyable and easy way to introduce different vegetable flavours to children.

Just like Mother Earth's popular Fruit Sticks, the delicious Vege Fruit Sticks filling is wrapped in a soft dough and baked, and come in convenient, individually wrapped portions that are perfect as a snack in the lunchbox or for morning or afternoon tea.

Mother Earth New Zealand tried and tested Vege Fruit Sticks using the toughest critics of all – children. Colmar Brunton's Qualitative research team was appointed to garner consumer insights and Kiwi kids who sampled the new product loved the taste of it.

Mother Earth Brand Manager, Julia Turner, says: "Kids really do love the taste of Vege Fruit Sticks because they can taste the fruit in them, and mums are also welcoming this new snack option. Our new Vege Fruit Sticks have been -kid tested and mum approved."

New Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks have no artificial colours or flavours. Each pack contains 8 bars per pack and are available in Coles supermarkets for a RRP of $3.50.

Review:  The Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks are delicious for a healthy alternative for families. Even though The Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks are the healthier option they still are sweet and appealing for children as the vegetable flavouring is subtle.

- Brooke Hunter

At first I thought The Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks were a strange combination but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the mixture of flavours complemented each other. The Carrot, Apple and Orange flavour offered mainly an orange flavor that lingered on and the apple and carrot could be tasted with each bite.  The Beetroot and Berry was a nice little snack which was not too sweet and mainly had a berry flavour.  What a great healthy snack to have in the pantry for when my grandchildren visit!
- Peter Scott

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