Not Suitable For Children DVD

Not Suitable For Children DVD

Not Suitable For Children DVD

Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook, Ryan Corr, Bojana Novakovic
Director: Peter Templeman
Genre: A Modern Romantic Drama
Rated: MA
Running Time: 91 minutes

Jonah is a professional party boy. With his best mates, Gus and Stevie, they maintain a steady flow of cash, booze and beats; hosting weekly parties at their inner city share house.

Jonah's carefree lifestyle is turned upside-down when a cancer scare has him re-evaluate his priorities. Faced with only a month of fertility left, Jonah now wants to be a Dad. Although time is short and his track record patchy, Jonah embarks on a quest to find someone - anyone - willing to have a baby with him.

With a killer soundtrack featuring music by The Black Keys, Mammals, Black Joe Lewis the The Honeybears and Offcutts, a fantastic cast with a breakthrough performance from Sarah Snook and a touching and hilarious screenplay from Michael Lucas, Not Suitable For Children is a sexy romantic comedy with an edge, showing that to become a dad, it takes a pair.

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Not Suitable For Children
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