Nanomax Hair Treatments

Nanomax Hair Treatments

Hair care rises to new heights

If we were to look at our own hair under the microscope, the majority of us would be shocked to see the damage from endless colourings, heat stylings and the basic environmental factors. Thankfully the hair repair revolution is upon us with NANOMAX rising to the challenge! Brace yourself as this is the hair repair system of the future.

Nanomolecular science isnt a word that you would usually associate with hair/hair dressing. But as a result of millions of dollars invested into research, scientists and hair specialists have created the ground-breaking NANOMAX hair repair treatments which can permanently repair your hair, leaving it the way nature intended, soft, silky and radiant.

NANOMAX permanent hair treatments are designed to replace the loss of keratin and moisture in the hair structure caused by damage from straightening, chemical services, the sun, pollution and everyday brushing. Unlike other protein/moisture treatments which wash out, the NANOMAX hair repair treatments are permanent and wont wash out in the shower.

Tracey Lauretta, Australian Director of the highly successful brand Bio Ionic (a range of hair styling products & tools that use Natural Ion Complex (TM)), has now brought the cutting edge technology of NANOMAX to Australia. Tracey recognised its huge potential for the Australian market place after speaking with Mark Creed, owner of Philosophy Salons UK and Vice-President of the British Fellowship of Hairdressing who has been using NANOMAX in his salons since its launch in 2007.

NANOMAX is the closest you can get to cosmetic surgery for your hair, said Tracey.

This is cutting edge technology, which has the most incredible end results. NANOMAX is going to change the way that Australians looks at hair care.

NANOMAX has been described as the worlds finest luxury treatments for beautiful hair, as there is a specific treatment for whatever trauma your hair has been through.

The process starts with a protein enriched formula being electronically atomized into a super fine mist containing billions of tiny nanomolecules. The mist is then applied to the hair with a special ceramic and nanosilver-infused hairbrush, specifically designed for the application of the treatment. The negatively-charged nanomolecules then seek out the positively-charged, damaged areas of the hair and repair them.

The hair is then ironed with a temperature-controlled negatively-charged straightener, which helps in the healing process.

The last step is the application of a second NANOMAX mist, which reacts with the first and locks the protein enriched formula into the hair structure, adding texture and shine to your hair and leaving your hair beautiful and soft .

The NANOMAX treatment takes under 1 hour per session, and a course of three treatments is recommended for the best possible results. The total for the three treatments is RRP $325 and additional NANOMAX top-up treatments are recommended every 3-4 months to keep your hair healthy and lustrous all year round.

For more information or to locate your local NANOMAX salon log onto or call 1300 760 165.

Nanomax & Bio Ionic Straightening is available through:

Kabuki Hair Studio
Shop 5, 101 Grattan St,
Carlton, VIC 3053
phone: (03) 9349 1727