Nancy Drew Danger by Design

Nancy Drew Danger by Design

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design has Nancy Drew flying to Paris to investigate the strange and unexplained behaviour of a top fashion designer.

Nancy Drew finds herself in Paris where she was sent by a nervous investor to check on Minette, a leading fashion designer whose strange, unexplained behaviour may delay her Spring Collection and potentially derail the fashion house. Strange threats and unwelcome guests arrive for Minette. Unsettling rumours dating back to an unsolved, historic mystery distract Nancy from the current task at hand.

As Nancy, players will sort through the web of suspects to look for clues. From Minette's old flame Dieter von Schwesterkrank to gorgeous model Jing-Jing Ling, deceit is woven deep within the fashion industry. Whether exploring the underground catacombs or abandoned metro stations for clues, players will need to rely on their powers of observation and deductive reasoning to solve this international mystery, and help Minette launch her Spring Collection on time.

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