MAYA What We Are Worth Interview

MAYA What We Are Worth Interview

Modern, Reflective and Influential

Contemplative and soulful, MAYA is back with a powerful new single What We Are Worth, a meaningful song that pleads with the listener to look inwards and understand just how much they are worth to this world. It's the perfect follow-up to her equally provocative previous single What After Now, and it's set for release on October 27. MAYA will be celebrating the release with a launch show at Melbourne's iconic The Night Cat on December 1.

Flitting between Los Angeles, New York and her hometown of Melbourne, MAYA has been hard at work, and What We Are Worth is the product of an artist who has found her true calling. Intellectual, introspective and philosophical, MAYA extends the boundaries of pop and soul, building herself an intriguing niche between the two. MAYA's distinctive vocal guides the track completely; each dynamic leap is led by her inimitable voice, all the while dealing with some complex subject matter. 'What We Are Worth is a conversation with myself about my constant questions about humanity – it's a song about respecting yourself and the earth we live on. My music has to inspire people to reflect on both our actions and reactions to life," MAYA passionately explains. 'The song was made to shock and excite, while also opening up and expressing my feelings with intensity. This song was made to spread a message – to wake up and understand what we are worth to this earth."

This exciting artist has been spending 2017 moving between Los Angeles, New York and Melbourne, writing, performing, and honing her craft. Reflecting on everything she has learnt and achieved, MAYA speaks about her time overseas, saying, 'It was unreal. I honestly can say I achieved everything I could have hoped for and more! I did a bunch of performances and attended live jam nights close to every night. I sung at Rockwood Music Hall, Catalina Jazz Club, Hotel Cafe, Sofitel Beverly Hills and more… The music culture in The States is massive, with live music at every corner and iIt's exciting being able to connect with different people."

The experienced performer is set to launch What We Are Worth at The Night Cat on December 1 with support from Melbourne artist Tanya George. Teasing a little of what fans can expect from her shows, she says, 'People can expect some serious euphoric dancing and soul-searching. I put so much effort into my shows, hoping to bring a whole new level to live entertainment with dancers, feature singers and Melbourne's finest musicians. I have also been working with a few artists to present live art. Live performances are my favourite part of my career and I will always ensure memorable moments."

What We Are Worth will be available from October 27.

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Maya -What We Are Worth' Launch Show

Thur November 30 | Ferdydurke, Melbourne Vic | 18+
Fri December 1 | The Night Cat, Fitzroy Vic | 18+
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Interview with Maya Weiss

Question: What inspired your single, What We Are Worth?

Maya Weiss: My single was inspired by my constant questions to myself and humanity. Questions like what are we actually worth? Who are we, and what is our real destination in life? I wanted to create a narrative that was personal while still challenging the listener to come to terms with their environment. I feel very strongly about the way we are all impacting each other with our everyday choices and I wanted to create a song that got in touch with those feelings without attacking the listener.

Question: We love the message the song embodies; what do you hope readers take from What We Are Worth?

Maya Weiss: I hope they take a positive approach. I hope they see I am asking not just them but myself - 'where do we go from here?'. As this world changes so quickly these days with new fads coming in and out, it's hard to settle and really appreciate what we have. I hope this song makes the listener stop and try and appreciate the smaller things, while also seeing our earth is not going to hold our energy forever, and we are lucky to have the freedom some of us have.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Maya Weiss: I would describe my music as electro soul. It is a lot of genres mixed, yet soul and electricity carry through each track.

Question: Which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Maya Weiss: It would have to be Real People. One of the tracks coming on the new 'Future Soul' EP. It has a great vibe change in the middle and it's always fun watching people respond.

Question: What should we expect from your upcoming launches?

Maya Weiss: You can expect a lot! I have been working on a lot under wraps. I have a lot of music waiting in line to get free, from collabs with other artists to more Jazzy tunes. I am also currently recording a new EP in New York to release next year.

Question: If you could have anyone, in the world, attend the launch, who would it be?

Maya Weiss: Mark Ronson. So he would hopefully get a vibe and want to work with me.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Maya Weiss: Performing live for sure! That is my favorite part of my career.

Question: What motivates you most when writing music?

Maya Weiss: Challenges in life. I always write the best music when I am hurt or angry haha!

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Maya Weiss: I am listening to a lot of Cinematic Orchestra, Sampa The Great, a lot of old school disco as I'm in a disco cover band now too for summer fun. I am really loving Meg Mac's new music and 30/70.

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Maya Weiss: I have had many but my first was my father. He gave me his musical spirit and I never looked back.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Maya Weiss: I would die to work with Andre 3000. Ever since I was a child OutKast and Andre's productions have been huge inspirations to me.

Interview by Brooke Hunter