Maharajah's Premium Lager - not just a beer for Kings

Maharajah's Premium Lager - not just a beer for Kings
The hottest boutique beer has just made an entrance into Australia - in a quiet way. It's new and only a select few have sampled the authentic Indian Maharajah's Premium Lager.

Created specifically to inspire the taste buds and entice the drinkers imagination to the land of exotic colours and spices of India - Maharajah's Premium Lager is the perfect complement for a spicy curry, or can hold it's own to quench a beer aficionado's thirst.

Maharajah's Premium Lager has been developed in a boutique brewery in Bangalore. Made from an authentic Indian recipe and making use of an extended brewing technique - it has a smooth, distinctly refreshing taste. The premise for the recipe was that flavours highlighted in hot and spicy food are best accompanied by a sweeter beer with subtle malt undertones.

When you are sitting in your favourite Indian restaurant, complete with warbling vocals, evocative tabla and steam rising from your Rogan Josh - you should be able to order a beer that is brewed and bottled in India.

Dean Hasnat, General Manager of Maharajah's Choice said, "Thirty years ago my family opened the first Indian restaurant in Melbourne. We then established ourselves as quality importers of gourmet Indian spices and products. It is a natural progression for us to lead the way by completing the meal experience by launching our own beer. We scoured the subcontinent to find the best brewer for the job to satisfy our passion for delivering authentically Indian produce to Australia".

"The process to get our recipe right took over 18 months to refine as crates of beer were shipped from the boutique brewer to our headquarters in Melbourne for us to taste. We held closed testing panels with family members and discerning beer drinkers. Finally we felt after all the experimenting, adding and subtracting ingredients, we are ready to launch our very own exotic beer", he added.

The results of the effort is exciting as leading Indian restaurants are beginning to feature Maharajah's Premium Lager on their menus and soon Maharajah's Lager will be available in Australia's best bars, restaurants and bottle shops around the country.

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*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*