Raise the Gift Stakes this Father’s Day with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Raise the Gift Stakes this Father’s Day with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Stuck for ideas on what to get your Dad this Fathers Day? Trump your siblings by rewarding your Dad with a delicious bottle of premium rum from Appleton Estate in tropical Jamaica.

Established in 1749, the Appleton Rum Estate is one of the oldest rum distilleries in the world, with a centuries-old commitment to perfecting the art of luxurious aged rums. Master Blender Joy Spence oversees every bottle of Appleton Estate Rum and it is a job that sees her combine art and science to create the perfect drop of super-premium rum that Dads the world over love.

Appleton Estate offers a full range of sophisticated aged rums which are available throughout Australia including; Appleton Estate V/X, a premium blend of rums aged an average of five years which are hand blended and placed in large oak vats for several months to allow the character and flavour to meld together in harmony. Appleton Estate V/X is soft, creamy and mellow with deep golden amber colour and the aroma of fruits and spices - making it perfect for enjoying on the rocks, in tropical drinks or with Dads favourite mixer (RRP $37.99).

Appleton Estate Reserve is an indulgent blend of superbly balanced rums hand selected by Mater Blender Joy Spence and aged for a minimum of eight years creating a dazzling topaz & honey coloured rum with scents of brown sugar, honey, molasses, spice and dried fruit. Appleton Estate Reserve is smooth and mellow with an elegant finish - a full bodied premium aged rum that every Dad would love the chance to savour this Fathers Day (RRP $49.99).

If you really want to spoil your Dad this Fathers Day consider the gift of Appleton Estate Extra, a finely crafted blend of rums with a minimum age of twelve years that is often regarded as the ultimate expression of the rum makers art. A complex, bittersweet and luscious rum, Appleton Estate Extra is distilled in traditional copper pot stills creating a deep red and bronze colour and a stately aroma of butterscotch, toast, oak, walnut and butter scents. Appleton Estate Extra has a buttery though dry taste, with a complex and rich mix of coffee, cinnamon, walnut and caramel (RRP $59.99).

Appleton Estate Rum:
The Appleton Estate in Jamaica was founded in 1749 and is one of the world's oldest and most famous rum distilleries. Master Blender Joy Spence (the world's first female Master Blender) combines art and science to achieve the unique golden colours and sweet nutty flavours in Appleton Rums which are created through a combination of secret blending techniques and the lengthy wooden barrel ageing process in the tropical Jamaican climate.

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*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*