Fruitopia Juices- A real fruit taste

Fruitopia Juices- A real fruit taste
Did you know that mangoes are the most widely eaten fruit in the world? Or that the orange is technically a type of berry? If not, the new fruit juice Fruitopia "J", can put you in the know with its guide to all the best fruity fun:
  • There are more than 7,000 varieties of apples and today, the world production of apples is more than 40 million tonnes!
  • The passionfruit is also known as a Purple Grandilla, which in Spanish means little pomegranate!
  • Approximately 270 bottles of Fruitopia "J" are made every minute - what a production!
  • Pineapples can weigh up to 9 kilos - that's a lot of fruit!
  • One variety of the banana is called the 'Ice Cream Banana' and is blue!
  • Mangoes have been cultivated in India for around 5,000 years and now there are over 500 varieties grown there - the Paisley design motif is even based on them!
  • Drinking Fruitopia "J" can help you feel energised, hydrated and refreshed
  • One orange contains approximately the recommended daily amount of vitamin C
  • Did you know - banana trees are not trees - the plant is actually a giant herb!
  • Fruitopia "J" is made from fruit, contains no added sugar and no added water, and is bursting with vitamin C
  • Did you know Fruitopia is a real place...or is it?

    NEW Fruitopia "J" is brought to you by Fruitopia, where juice is made to be enjoyed. The new six great varieties include revitalising Orange, hydrating Tropical and tasty Daylight. What's more, the thick juice texture, luscious flavours and vitamin C are a delight for the senses every time.

    Fruitopia "J" will be available in a 250ml glass bottle, 345ml glass bottle and 350ml PET bottle and comes in the following varieties:
  • Apple, Orange, Pineapple and Mango
  • Apple, Orange and Mango
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Daylight Juice (apple, orange, banana and mango)
  • Tropical Juice (apple, pineapple, banana, passionfruit)
    Fruitopia - Where fruit is king and frowning is against the law!

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