Lindt Easter Carrot Cupcakes

Lindt Easter Carrot Cupcakes

Lindt Easter Carrot Cupcakes

Recipe by Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt Maitre Chocolatier
Makes 12 Cupcakes. Preparation time: 15 minutes plus 25 minutes baking time.
Difficulty: Easy

"Nothing beats an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning, and then relaxing with some coffee and a few sweet treats. These cupcakes are the perfect Easter treat to go with tea or coffee, and of course you can decorate your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe this way too. But for Easter why not make this carrot cup cake with delicious chunks of your favourite Lindt chocolate. Have a wonderful Easter." Thomas Schnetzler.

350 g Self-raising flour
1 ½ tsp Baking powder
Pinch Sea salt
½ tsp Ground cinnamon
170 g Butter, melted and cooled
200 g Dark brown sugar
1 Egg, large
100 g Natural yoghurt
350 g Carrots - approx 3 medium-sized ones, finely grated and steamed in the microwave for 2 minutes
250 g Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy chocolate, chopped coarsely (vary quantity according to taste)
20 ml Brandy (optional)
12 cupcake liners

250 g Cream cheese
½ Lemon - juice only
6 or 7 Lindor balls white, melted

60 g Desiccated coconut shreds, toasted
12 Lindt 10g Gold Bunny or your favourite Easter Lindt chocolates

Preheat the oven to 185°C. Line cupcake or muffin tray with liners.
In a large bowl combine self-raising flour, baking powder, salt and ground cinnamon. Set aside.
In a separate bowl combine the melted butter, brown sugar, egg and yoghurt. Mix in the grated carrot.
Gradually add the dry ingredients and mix until combined. Lastly mix in the chocolate chunks.
Divide mixture into a cupcake/muffin tray and bake for approximately 25 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool fully.

For the icing, soften the cream cheese in the electric mixer with a paddle attachment. Add lemon juice and mix until light and fluffy. Mix in the chocolate and whip further until light.

To assemble, top the cooled cupcakes with a generous amount of icing and coat with toasted coconut, creating the look of a little nest. Decorate with the Lindt Gold Bunny or your favourite Easter treats.

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The Lindt Gold Bunny

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