Lindt Caramel Squares

Lindt Caramel Squares

Lindt's latest indulgent creation – Lindt Caramel Squares


Fine chocolate, luscious caramel, pure indulgence!
Indulgent Lindt Caramel Squares now in stores


When you've perfected the art of crafting fine chocolate, there's only one thing left to do…add caramel!

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers are at it again, this time filling their famous smooth chocolate with velvety, flowing caramel to create their latest, indulgent innovation – new Lindt Caramel Squares. With Lindt's signature fine chocolate encasing a heart of luscious caramel, each Square is gorgeously wrapped for the ultimate self-indulgence.

Lindt Australia Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler says Caramel Squares are the ultimate treat and the perfect chocolate indulgence to have on hand in your cupboard at home or the top drawer at work.

"We wanted to remind chocolate loving adults of the pleasure of enjoying the highest quality chocolate without occasion, just for the pure love of enjoying fine chocolate" Thomas says. "So whether you buy it as a gift, share it with others, or keep for yourself, Lindt Caramel Squares are the perfect indulgence." Created with passion and expertise by Lindt's Master


Chocolatier, Caramel Squares are available in two varieties:

Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares
124g, contains eight individual squares, RRP $8.00.
Encased in Lindt's finest milk chocolate, consumers can expect rich honey notes and natural caramel flavours - a trademark for Lindt milk chocolate. The caramel itself is rich and velvety, balanced in sweetness.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares
124g, contains eight individual squares, RRP $8.00.
The mild and balanced dark chocolate with elegant cocoa notes and rounded flavour is the perfect counterpart to the rich, decadent caramel. The addition of sea salt brings out the complexity and delectable sweetness of the caramel and harmonises the flavour profiles of both chocolate and caramel.

Thomas continues; "The caramel is created with milk and butter to provide a rich, dairy flavour and luxurious velvety mouthfeel and texture that balances perfectly with the chocolate."

Lindt Caramel Squares will be available in all Lindt retail stores and cafes, plus all major supermarkets.


About Thomas Schnetzler - Lindt Master Chocolatier
Thomas trained in Switzerland as a Pâtissier and Confiseur at the renowned Confiserie, Reber in a town called Schaffhausen,
approximately 40km north of Zürich. During his intense three-year training, Thomas learnt the craft of creating fine Pralinés and Truffles, chocolate specialities and chocolate pieces from Master Chocolatier Laurent Perriraz, under which he trained.
As one of only eight Lindt Master Chocolatiers in the world, Thomas is passionately involved in working on new Lindt products and is an integral part of spreading the Lindt message. His lifelong mission is exploring new heights of chocolate indulgence.
Thomas consistently shares his insights into chocolate, how it is made and how to pair it with other culinary delights and educates people on what it is that makes Lindt chocolate so special. To find out more, visit the Lindt website or Instagram page.


Review: Lindt's new Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares melt in your mouth, decent size individually wrapped squares make it the perfect after dinner or coffee treat. Also available in rich Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares.  While I may have tried a few, there is still enough to scatter around to make Valentine's special... but not for long.