Lauren Lappin Luscious Lashes Interview

Lauren Lappin Luscious Lashes Interview

Australian Lash Expert Lauren Lappin Named In Top FIVE In Coveted International Beauty Award

From the hottest celebrity to the girl next door, women all over the world are obsessed with lashes, and leading the lash industry Down Under is a small but impressive salon in Albury, NSW.

NALA (the National Association of Lash Artists) - the world's foremost body promoting the global lash industry - has decided one of the top five lash studios in the world is Allure Lash and Beauty Bar in Albury NSW, owned and operated by beautician, lash expert and mum of two, Lauren Lappin.

Lauren's salon is only one of FIVE in the entire world nominated for the "Lash Studio of the Year Award" – the top gong in the competition and, with thousands of beauty salons in Australia, this is big news for the beautician, wife and Mother of two.

Says Lappin, "I am so excited at being named one of the top five specialist lash salons in the world. I have worked so hard to offer the highest quality lash treatments to our clients over the years and to be recognised internationally for this is nothing short of amazing!"

If Lauren wins the top honour for her salon when the winner is announced in Canada at the NALA Awards on May 6 (May 7 local time), her studio will be number one in the world.

Lauren's husband, Owen, is incredibly proud of his wife's achievement. He says, "It hasn't been easy for Lauren being a mum, wife and running two businesses with multiple staff. I think it's fantastic to see that she has now been recognised by an international association for all of her years of hard work and dedication."

What sets Allure Lash and Beauty Bar apart is the fact that the salon specialises specifically in lash treatments. Lauren's team completes an incredible 150+ sets of lashes each week, therefore all lash artists have the knowledge and expertise required to offer a quality service. Lauren and her team regularly attend lash specific training and conferences to keep their skills up-to-date, and all artists hold memberships with Australian and international lash associations that uphold the highest standards for natural lash health, safety and cleanliness.

In addition to her work achievements, Lauren isn't a stranger to accolades. In October 2018, Allure Lash and Beauty Bar was named as a top three finalist in Lash Vision's "Lash Salon of the Year with 2+ Staff" category. Also, in 2015, Lauren placed second in the Australian & New Zealand Lash Master Competition Creative Category, and third in the Master Volume Category and is one of only seven lash artists in the country to achieve the ADFEE® Damage-Free certificate. The Damage-Free certificate is why Allure's clients still have healthy, natural lashes without damage to their natural lashes.

Lauren and her family will be waiting for May 6 (May 7 ADST) with bated breath. Says Lauren, "When I put my mind to something, especially a personal passion, I give it my all and to be recognised for my hard work will be a dream come true".

Aussies can watch the announcement aired LIVE on the NALA YouTube Channel on Tuesday, May 7 at approximately 1pm ADST.
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Interview with Lauren Lappin

Lauren Lappin is a beauty therapist, lash expert, and entrepreneur based in Albury, NSW. She worked in warehousing and information technology before diving into her true passion, beauty therapy and lash extensions. She opened her own specialist lash extension salon, Allure Lash and Beauty Bar, in 2014.

Lauren has travelled internationally to attend training with world renowned lash artists, gained multiple high-level certifications, and is one of only seven lash artists in Australia to achieve the ADFEE® Damage-Free certificate. She also holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy with Distinction.

Lauren regularly attends lash conferences both here and overseas to improve and extend her knowledge and also offers lash extension training, and business growth coaching/mentoring to other lash artists, including her own staff.

In July 2018, Lauren was named as a finalist in the AusMumpreneur awards Hair and Beauty Category for her rapid business growth and being a mum (juggling businesses and kids!) but had to withdraw her entry after her grandfather passed away.

Lauren was born in Canberra, ACT and has lived in Albury since she was five years old. She now lives in West Albury with her husband Owen and two young children.

Question: Congratulations on being one of the top five lash studios, in the world! How does it feel to be nominated for Lash Studio of the Year?

Lauren Lappin: Thank you so much! It all still feels so surreal. We strive to uphold the highest standards for all of our clients, so it is amazing to be recognised internationally for our work.

Question: What originally inspired your passion for beauty therapy?

Lauren Lappin: I really enjoy making people feel good, by making them look good! I originally wanted to study Beauty Therapy after I finished year 12, but my parents were against it… so I went with Information Technology instead. I worked in the IT industry for five years and it really wasn't making me happy, so I decided to go back and study beauty as I originally planned. It was the best decision I have ever made!

Question: What's a typical day like for you?

Lauren Lappin: My husband starts work very early so it's up to me to get our two children ready for school. I usually either drop them there, or they catch the bus. I work two days a week in my salon on clients (because I still LOVE doing lashes) so if it's a day where I am rostered on to work, I will head straight there after school drop off and work until either 6pm or 8pm. If it's a day that I am not working in my salon, I will usually still go there to catch up on everything, have meetings, do training with my team and create social media content. I'll then head home to work on administrative tasks, planning and also pack orders for my other business, Runway Lash Co. - a wholesale lash extension store. If I am seeing clients at my salon, my kids go to after school care, and my husband picks them up and takes them to after school activities, or takes them home. If I am not seeing clients, I will pick my kids up from school and take them home, and work some more!

Question: How do you juggle family and business life?

Lauren Lappin: It is certainly a juggling act! Most of the time I just have to roll with the punches and get work done wherever I can, around family life.

About a month ago I felt as though I was drowning in work and also drowning in house work. I decided that something had to give, so now I have a housekeeper that comes around for a few hours each day, to help with cooking, tidying, laundry and anything else I might need done around the house. I struggled with this decision a lot because I was worried about what others would think of me, but honestly now that I have help around the house I feel so much better and less stressed! So I really don't care what anyone may think! I own my decision because I know it was the right one for myself and my family.

Question: What advice do you have for other mothers juggling a family and business?

Lauren Lappin: Get a housekeeper (laughs)! I know this may not be an option for everyone, but seriously have a look at outsourcing any tasks you are currently doing that eat up a lot of your time and leave you feeling stressed out. Even if it's just having someone come and clean your bathrooms, or mowing the lawns. I know I would rather be spending my down time with my family doing fun things, rather than worrying that I had hours of housework to do.

Question: What's next for you and Allure Lash and Beauty Bar?

Lauren Lappin: After I return from The NALA Awards and Conference in Canada, we will be renovating the salon and expanding by adding another lash bed in May. I am also working on another new venture, which will be centred around mentoring other lash artists as they build their businesses and employ staff etc. I am super excited and will be launching this business mid-year!

Interview by Brooke Hunter