Lancôme Shine Lover

Lancôme Shine Lover

Lancôme Shine Lover

Shine Lover is the first healthy-glow lipstick by Lancôme. The secret of the radiance in these shades lie in the coloured pearl pigments combined with a translucent base, to bring out all the vitality of beautifully sheer pinks and red.

The First Healthy-Glow Lipstick

A healthy glow makes a woman feel self-confident. This simple observation – and strong expectation held by women across the world – acted as a point of departure for Lancôme research to define how to achieve a healthy glow. Two crucial criteria influencing the face's overall harmony are lip colour and lip texture. Taking care of lips is simply essential. Lancôme Laboratories thus studied with the skin tones of 2902 women and the perception of a healthy glow related to lips colour to reveal that all it takes to obtain that healthy, radiant glow which revives the entire complexion is to enhance lip's natural colour by one tone. And so, Shine Lover was born, protective and beautifying in equal measure.

All the Shine Lover range shades have been specifically designed to offer this healthy-glow effect. From popping pinks to fuchsia and rosy beiges, each and every colour is intensely radiant. This sheer collection's shades melt into the lips' natural colour, to instantly illuminate a woman's complexion.

Over and above a complexion's colouring, feeling beautiful is all about being true to yourself – wearing a shade to beautify the mood of the moment!

Vibrant Colours

The secret of these shades'radiance lies in their coloured pearl pigments combined with a translucent base, to bring out all the vitality of beautifully sheer pinks and red. While white pearl pigments tend to reduce colour intensity, these coloured pearl pigments with their transparent base truly infuse the colours with illuminating depth.

Brimming with colour and radiance, the Shine Lover shades create the most mouth-watering of bitten-lip effects – a true healthy-glow booster! Their names echo all the different facets of the Lancôme woman: unique and sublime, with a hint of mischief. The tricky part is knowing which one to choose first…

3 must-haves

340 French Sourire: a lively, effusive and luminous pink!
357 Fuchsia in Paris: a vibrant, radiant fuchsia.
354 Inattendue: a flawlessly resplendent rosewood.

4 colours for every desire

212 Twisted Beige: a nude with hints of pink for a bitten-lip effect.
136 Amuse-bouche: a mouth-watering sunny orange.
314 Spontanée: a complexion-illuminating powder pink.
120 Ô my rouge: a sparklingly captivating cherry red.