Kylie Gale Upside Down

Kylie Gale Upside Down

Kylie Gale's single flips the bad times Upside Down

Everyone's life is turned on its head at some point, but Kylie Gale has just the song to put it all into perspective and lift you back up, with her new top five single, Upside Down.

Co-written with Billie-Jo Porter on Kylie's first Zoom co-write, the song aims to uplift listeners and has already raced up the charts, debuting at No. 4 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart and on the top 40 iTunes All Genre Songs Chart.

"Everyone has terrible things going on and you've still gotta find the good," Gale said.

"Billie-Jo is a really positive person, too, and I told her I had this idea, and we just ran with it and knocked the song together and it came together really well."

Gale and Porter first met at The DAG Songwriters Retreat and Gale said she jumped at the chance to write with Porter when she reached out.

"I wanted to write and release something that everyone could relate to," she said.

"This is all about still finding the good in life when things aren't always going well – it's a feel good song. My songs can't always be heavy.

"In these times, particularly, it's about saying 'we're still alright, and we can do most of the normal things we normally do'; You can always find the upside."

Upside Down will continue Gale's journey to getting her music out to new audiences, as she works towards releasing her debut EP in 2021. This latest single is Gale's third, and her first release since April 2020.

"I still enjoy recording and releasing music so much, and it's still my passion," she said.

"Even though I've got a full-time job, I can't let music go because I'm still writing songs all the time and why stop when you love it?"

Gale said it was a great legacy and lesson to pass on to her children.

"I want to show my kids and others that you shouldn't let barriers stop you from doing things you love," she said.

"You might not win a Golden Guitar, but, for me, I still get a lot of enjoyment out of it and it fulfills my musical self and all the friends you make means you can reach out and help each other. It is a real community and I love that about music."