Hello Satellites No Delivery

Hello Satellites No Delivery

Melbourne artist Eva Popov has been writing, producing and performing adventurous inimitable indie pop as Hello Satellites for over a decade now. Eva's expansive and genre bending sound has traversed many realms of the music landscape, undulating seamlessly through folk, pop, neoclassical and experimental tropes across three studio albums, each navigating the world with the sure-footedness of a true exploratory artist. Now, the sonic nomad is excited to reveal her latest offering 'No Delivery' lifted from her forthcoming 2021 album There Is A Field.

Out now, 'No Delivery' is a cold plunge into the addictive nature of excessive screen time and a danceable reminder about looking beyond palm-sized validation. Beckoning horns signpost snappy wake-up calls and self-help mantras before breaking into a cruisey rhythm you can't help but succumb to. Recorded with long-time collaborator Nick Huggins (Seagull; Dirty Three) and featuring drums by Heath Robertson and sax by Flora Carbo, the self-produced disco confessional is the second taste of Hello Satellites' anticipated fourth studio album There Is a Field, following from last year's moody folk narrative, 'Thief'.

"No Delivery is a 2.38 minute electronic pop experiment about being addicted to my phone, dopamine hits and magical thinking. I have watched other people do amazing things and live amazing lives whilst I waited for some sort of love hit to come through the screen and solve everything. This song was written as a guitar song to remind myself that nothing was going to be given to me and that I was just going to have to go out into the world and do stuff as my own imperfect self and fail and feel things. I had a lot of fun remaking this song as an obnoxious disco track." - Eva Popov, Hello Satellites

Set to be released independently this autumn, There Is A Field sees Hello Satellites harnessing the magic within the mundane. Shaped by the limitations of a long Melbourne lockdown, the record explores vast expansive moments hidden in the nooks and crannies of Popov's own home and mind. "Each song was a joyous, wide open space to occupy, whilst the outside world felt so closed and restricted under lockdown" Popov explains, noting walk-in robe vocal takes, internet virtual choir collaborations and guitar and piano recordings snatched up in the quiet, stolen moments of working motherhood. The result is a wondrously vibrant world of imagination and awe, candidly unearthed from the most uninspiring of circumstances.