KR Castlemaine Naturals

KR Castlemaine Naturals

KR Castlemaine Naturals

KR Castlemaine is pioneering the way in pre-packaged ham with the launch of its new KR Castlemaine Naturals™ range of premium sliced hams. It is the first Australian range of pre-packaged hams to be completely free of artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and e-numbers, made food-safe using a new technology.

Available in three delicious flavour variants- Traditional Leg Ham, Double Smoked Leg Ham and Honey Leg Ham - KR Castlemaine has developed this Australian first to answer the call for naturally delicious foods free of artificial preservatives.

The range is produced using cutting-edge technology called high pressure pasteurisation (HPP). Unlike traditional pasteurisation, the HPP process doesn't use heat, so it preserves the texture, appearance, nutritional value and natural great taste of KR Castlemaine Naturals™.

In addition, natural vegetable extract, cooking and refrigeration are used to ensure the ham stays food-safe and tasty without the need for artificial additives.

KR Castlemaine Marketing Director, Karin Moorhouse says KR Castlemaine is leading the industry with the launch of the Naturals™ range, "It's only natural that KR Castlemaine, a brand made with the care of the country, should introduce this new premium product to the Australian market. The KR Castlemaine Naturals™ range gets to the heart of what great ham should taste like, combining quality and nutrition without any artificial additives."

Leading Australian dietitian, Melanie McGrice, also applauds the launch saying, "The KR Castlemaine Naturals™ range is unique in that it offers the practicality of pre-packed ham without compromising nutritional value or taste. This range marks a positive trend toward most natural food processing. It offers families the convenience of a pre-packaged product that doesn't contain anything you can't pronounce."

KR Castlemaine Naturals™ is 97% fat free, retails at $4.99 per pack and can be found in your local Woolworths and other independent supermarkets.

Review: The KR Castlemaine Naturals range is a success! It's a surprise the KR Castlemaine Naturals range is completely free of artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and e-numbers with the lengthy used-by dates and clean packaging. The Double Smoked Leg Ham has a deliciously full flavour and great taste and is guaranteed to be a favourite amongst all. The Honey Leg Ham combines the perfect sweetness to create a tasty yet not overpowering flavour. The Traditional Leg Ham is anything but traditional, the perfect ham-ambience.